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Be Fashionable even on Rainy Days with Grendha

Having problems on what to wear during rainy days? Want to stay in style without sacrificing fashion and avoid looking plain? Grendha launches its collection perfect for the rainy days. The best and most stylish way to look and feel pretty amidst the bad weather, revolutionizing the trend in fashion with its sophisticated design and quality materials makes the perfect footwear to fit for the rainy days.

Made of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material, making it 100% waterproof, durable, and stronger than rubber! The choice of colors and prints made, give each product a unique personality suitable for stylish lady that is fit for everyday wear, even during the rainy days! It is the perfect footwear for the modern woman who is searching for a product with quality, with good value for money, and a product with design in tune with the current fashion trends. Be wise, be beautiful, and choose Grendha.

Grendha is available in Bambu Stores and all leading Boutiques and Department Stores nationwide.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014



If you think your facial creams and lotions are doing enough to keep your skin look beautiful, think again. Recent studies now show that the real secret to healthy, young-looking and glowing skin has to start from within.

To get that effortless, “lit from within” glow, you have to complement your creams and lotions with a healthy lifestyle and way of life. Use this checklist as a guide to gauge whether you’re taking care of your skin from within—it’s truly the best way to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful:

Sleep. Your entire body, including your skin, goes into repair mode while you snooze. Help your skin cells regenerate and your facial muscles relax by making sure you catch quality sleep. Still feel like you’re not getting enough rest when you wake up in the morning? One of the reasons could be that your alarm is rousing you in the middle of your deep-sleep stage. To make mornings less of a drag—or if you know you’re only catching a few hours of shuteye—try setting a wake-up time that’s a multiple of 90 minutes. This is the length of the average sleep cycle, so you’re sure to wake up to a beautiful morning.

Exercise. Even though you know that a good work out is great for your heart, lungs, and mental outlook, chances are, you’re still not hitting the gym as much as you should. Here's a little motivation that’ll inspire you to get moving: Regular exercise is also one of the keys to scoring healthy skin. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital. It also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. Think of it as a cleanse for your skin, but from the inside.

Hydrate. Healthy skin is well-hydrated skin. If you want your complexion to glow, you need to make sure that you’re drinking enough H20 on a daily basis. Keep this Kor water bottle on your desk at work or in your car, and remember to sip often. Want to add a little flavor? Toss in a lemon wedge or a splash of fruit juice—it’s a great substitute for sugary sodas or iced teas.

Eat Well. Did you know that the food you eat matters to your skin almost as much as it does to your waistline? This is because your skin uses vitamins and nutrients from food to repair and rebuild damaged skin cells. Make time to plan your meals daily with the help of this Yummy Light Meals recipe book, so you don’t end up going for unhealthy options or fast food.

Take Vitamin E. This is where the heart of Holistic Skin Care is. As you go about your usual work day, you get exposed to bad and uncontrollable free radicals that damage your cells. The result: tired-looking skin that looks dull, dry, and aging. Help your skin bounce back and recoup easily by adding a daily dose of Vitamin E to your diet. Since this vitamin isn’t produced by the body, taking a powerful Vitamin E supplement like Myra, can help. It’s rich in anti-oxidants to help boost your skin from within and also stops skin-damaging, free radicals from stealing life from your cells. The best part is, it also repairs damaged cells and works hard to protect the healthy ones. And with more healthy cells in your body, you’ll be able to have beautiful, glowing and younger-looking skin throughout the years to come.

When thinking of beautiful skin, always remember this formula: your creams and lotions + a healthy lifestyle + healthy cells = healthy, youthful-looking, and glowing skin. Make sure that you take care of your skin from within with Myra Holistic Skin Care. Go ahead—take a Myra Capsule now!


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Georcelle Dapat-Sy: Dancer, Mentor, Mother Teacher G talks about unlocking latent talent in young kids

Georcelle Dapat-Sy is first and foremost a dancer – mention “dance” and her name is bound to crop up in the entertainment circle of the local industry. Her dedication and commitment to her craft has earned her a niche in a saturated industry that will make room for someone who has worked hard to distinguish her talent. However, Georcelle’s talent in grace in motion is not confined to the stage or the studio alone; it spills over into her personal life, in her mothering, and ultimately in her mentoring of the next generation at large.

Once again, Georcelle gets involved in Promil’s Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp, which aims to tap the inert talents of the very young and to help them wield the potency that they hold inside.

“The Promil Pre-school program is about recognizing talent. When the potential is seen in a young person, it is categorized,” Georcelle says. Whether innate intelligence or a natural inclination for arts, the mother of three is keen on picking out kids who are naturals in dancing. And this is when the fun starts.

Georcelle knows the benefits of early intervention or starting the mentoring while they’re soft and pliant. She herself started out that way.

A strong sense of determination despite limitations
Contrary to popular notion, being well off is not necessarily a prerequisite to the proper developing of talent. Though many families are blessed to be able to send their children to the most expensive dance schools and hire top of the line instructors, Georcelle didn’t have that kind of privilege to start with. However, she was blessed with parents who were musically inclined.

Her parents quickly recognized her abilities and brought her to the dance program at the Metropolitan Theatre. She took up different styles like tap, jazz, ballet, folk, contemporary and Hawaiian. And because she didn’t come from a wealthy family, her mother was always looking to get her a scholarship while bringing her to auditions at the same time.

In the midst of diligent quests, divine intervention took place. Once, on a trip to UP Diliman to get into the dance program of Tony Fabella and Eddie Elejar, Georcelle and her mom made a mistake and ended up in Felicita Radaic’s class instead. “When we met her, akala niya (she thought) I was an aspiring ballerina, because I had the build. She then wrote a letter to Metropolitan Dance Theatre’s director to put me in the dance scholarship.” This was a heady lesson for the young dancer: Georcelle learned that where funds were lacking, a strong sense of determination would more than make up for it. And fate did the rest.

But the whole process was tedious, testing the young Georcelle’s patience. Nevertheless, Georcelle looks back now and realizes that not everyone gets a chance to study with the best. “My teachers were the best in the country (Agnes Locsin, Noordin Jumalon). They guided me. And true enough, once I started dancing, tuloy tuloy na from there.”

Georcelle was all of 10 years old when she began. At the age of 14, she had become a professional.

Nurturing her children through her passion for dance
Georcelle feels that dancing as a passion promotes closeness and love. As dancing is likewise a part of her, she used it to nurture her children, and not exclude them from an area that dominates her life.

Eventually she exposed her children to the best. “I show them performances, either in concert or ‘You Think You Can Dance’ or ‘America’s Best Dance Crew.’ Then I tell them that the performers trained hard before they reached the level of their performance. My point is that you have to train if you want to be the best. It’s achievable as long as you know the ABC’s and basics. And from there you take it to the next level.”

For Georcelle, the foundation of mentoring kids is love. “We do a lot of hugging, especially when the dancing mood strikes them. Outside of dance, it’s 24/7 parenting. I take my kids to school in the mornings. When I get home from a busy day, I hug them and kiss them even when they’re asleep.”

Does she see herself in them? “Teachers say my kids show qualities in leadership. They have a sense of command. That’s what they got from me.”

The top dance choreographer pays it forward
Not content with just being the top dance choreographer in the land, Georcelle has also had a hand in building G-Force as the leading dance company in the showbusiness today. This has been instrumental in her mentoring the next generation of dancers. Dance classes called ‘Me and My Little Force,’ are designed for the parent and child.

“I started dancing na wala akong pambili ng sapatos (when I had no money to buy shoes). I had a dream to give a chance to those who didn’t have the means.” For Georcelle, it was all about expressing her gratitude for having all those great teachers when she was young. “So now this is my way of paying it forward.”

Today, the G-Force Project is becoming more and more of a family event. It started out as morning classes for kids, until she eventually decided to put in the moms who were requesting for zumba classes with the kids.

“Me and my 4-year old son dance together, so that’s where I got the inspiration. In class the little ones would mimic their mommies and that’s a great way to develop motor skills and photographic memory. When they grow up they’ll remember the fun, the exercise and the bonding.”

It’s clear that being a mother has made Georcelle not just a better person, but a better mentor as well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Zsa Zsa Padilla shares her past experiences to talented kids of the present for an exceptional future

Zsa Zsa Padilla is a veteran actress, TV host, singer, and a true Philippine icon with more than 30 years of experience, but she has a new title to add under her belt –Singing mentor for Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 3. The divine diva, who was recently unveiled as one of the top caliber mentors of the show, will be taking on the responsibility of mentoring this year’s batch of talented preschoolers. Together with a panel of esteemed mentors: choreographer and G-Force director, Georcelle Dapat-Sy, and world-class television and film actress, Angel Locsin, Zsa Zsa will be guiding chosen preschoolers through singing workshops.

For 25 years, Promil Pre-School has been well known for talent development, raising awareness for parental participation, proper guidance and good nutrition as factors that play major roles in bringing preschoolers to their full potential. The Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp is one of Promil Pre-school’s advocacies, in which the talents of Filipino children nationwide are engaged. “It’s exciting to be part of something that recognizes and appreciates talent at a young age.” Zsa Zsa shares that the show is something that brings back memories of how she started as an artist.

Nurturing talent in your formative years 
The divine diva today can automatically command the attention of any room she enters, but the singer reveals that it wasn’t always like that. She started out as a shy child who only got to sing in front of her family. “I grew up in a compound where we all lived close to each other,” she recalls. “When my uncles would get together in the late afternoons, they’d get the guitar and they’d ask me to sing.”

Zsa Zsa, together with her cousin whom she grew up with, Gino Padilla, learned to harness their skills while doing duets to entertain their uncles. “I always knew that I love singing. Even as a child, when I’d hear a song on the radio, I would sing it immediately. I had fast recall and my family noticed that about me,” she says. “They would ask me to learn a piece, and then I’d perform it for them. I was the entertainment. Ganun ako nahasa (That’s how I was trained).”

While she knew she had the talent, it was her family that allowed her to gain her confidence in front of a crowd. “Singing for my uncles, that’s really my first memory of my musical background. Allowing me to sing for them was their way of nurturing my talent.”

Through Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp, Zsa Zsa hopes to develop the raw talent of the chosen preschoolers. “These kids are curious and eager to learn, but you need to guide them while they’re still young and sensitive to change. You need to show them that they’re capable, because they’ll really take that with them as they grow up and develop their talents.”

It’s not always in the genes, but also in the environment
Though Zsa Zsa’s parents weren’t musical people, she was able to master her craft because of her exposure to music through her family. While both her daughters, Karylle and Zia, are musically inclined, she credits not just the genes, but also their environment growing up. “Karylle was exposed to the entertainment industry at a young age. During that time, she was much more interested in ballet, but she’d see me host for a popular show and she’d just take it all in. We knew she could sing, and eventually because of all the exposure to it, singing just became second nature for her.”

This is why Zsa Zsa believes that getting kids on shows like the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Camp will give them the right exposure so they can dream big early, and learn how to pursue these dreams early. “These kids are lucky because there’s a program available like the i-Shine Talent Camp. At a young age, they’ll already be exposed to the music industry, which will really help them develop to be artists,” she shares. “Promil Pre-School has provided a venue for kids that love singing, dancing, and acting to really work at their craft.”

Proper motivation to reach their full potential 
Having Zsa Zsa on board is going to be a treat for the Promil Preschool i-Shine finalists, because this means they are going to be the first who will get valuable training and mentoring from a pillar in the country’s musical industry.

It will be a personal challenge for the Zsa Zsa to be firm and honest, but still encouraging with the way she guides the preschoolers. “They're very young and sensitive. They would take everything you say to heart,” she says. The first-time singing mentor plans to add a mother’s touch to her mentoring style. “It’s important to boost their confidence, but still making sure that they properly learn the craft,” she adds.

Despite the success she’s earned with the music world, Zsa Zsa also wants to share her hardships with her mentees. “These kids really come from all types of backgrounds. I also want them to learn that getting to your dreams entails battling the odds and persistence through hardship,” she says. “The kids are eager to learn about the industry, and it will be my responsibility to show them the ropes, to share with them as much as I know, including the challenges that come with it.” While the competition might be tough, Zsa Zsa is confident that with proper guidance and nutrition, the newest batch of i-Shiners will all prove to be stars.

Catch Zsa Zsa and the rest of the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 3 mentors, Georcelle Dapat-Sy and Angel Locsin, on ABS-CBN. Hosted by Dimples Romana, Matteo Guidicelli, and Xian Lim, the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 3 is giving away over Php 1 million worth of prizes and a contract form ABS-CBN and Promil Pre-School to the grand winner.

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F1 Hotel's Week-ender Wonder

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