Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Wedding Planner

My friend works as a wedding planner and I could see how she enjoys the job being her own boss of her career. At times she also acts as party host but enjoys a lot with the latter. She admitted that even if the job is rewarding, it also gave her so much stress. Part of her job is to ensure that everything is well organized and that includes working on a plan B in case plan A fails. She also acts as stress absorber so that the bride will look fresh on the day of the wedding. She is also involved in choosing flowers, guest accommodation, dress fittings and more. Of course she cannot do that without having reliable suppliers to count on. Even the preparation of whole ceremony like gazebo decorations for elegant wedding, by which she highly recommends, is included in her task.

The bride and groom would be so much happy with the overall outcome when the wedding is coordinated well. A wedding ceremony on a beach is very beautiful too. I couldn't relate but I could exactly tell how it feels like because I have attended quite a few wedding with the same theme. Are you having a hard time about where and how to plan your wedding? Ask me and I will refer you to her. She's quite a good wedding planner.

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  1. Your post reminds me of the florist we hired during our wedding.. I was so disappointed lol.


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