Friday, February 10, 2012

Bed's Baby Shower for Baby IC

"Can't wait for Baby IC," the message in specially designed cake from Blossoms Cake during the baby shower given by the happy mom of two, now going three. Beds as we call her, was even more excited, well, I guess all expectant moms are.

The last time I attended a baby shower was a celebrity event thrown by J&J for celebrity moms. It's no different because, Beds is special to us and Baby IC will bond us all as official kumares, as I myself declared. Teehee. We have enough reason now to make our get together becomes more frequent. Haha. There were games like banana eating contest and the fastest to finish to drink via feeding bottle. I won a Spinkie Pillow in this game sponsored by Mutya Laxa's Spinkie Pillow.

Guess, who won?

The Spinkie Pillow where Jingkie won in banana eating contest and yours truly in feeding bottle drinking contest.

Jes couldn't afford to miss the baby shower and made her special way to be at the event. She was just too quick and just posed for the photo op with her gift to Baby IC. I understand as she's very busy in her Hobby Lovey Store. for Baby IC

Bed's Baby Shower would like to thank the following:

and Sassy.

And my only wish to you Beds.. have a safe and healthy delivery.

" Woman is the artist of the imagination,
and the child in the womb is the canvas
whereon she paints her pictures."
Parascelsus, 15th century physician


  1. One of the best event I'vee attended. Sobrang kakatawa ni Jesselyn Lising! Pagaling ka Nuts.

  2. Kaka-miss kayo! Ang saya-saya ng mga pics and ang saya-saya n'yo kasama mga Super Fs, it was a very well attended party hihihi katumbas din natin ang 50 pax sa sobrang riot at saya! Get well soon my friend. Thanks for posting!

  3. thank u so much sa inyong lahat u made my baby shower memorable!!!


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