Monday, July 30, 2012

Dental Braces

It wasn't a simple decision because I know she will go through a difficult process, at her age. Taking braces will take at least 1 to 2  years depending on the treatment plus a monthly visit to the dentist. She had to undergo three tooth extractions because there is no space to fix the alignment. Other dentist stick to a no-extraction process but in her case where there is no space and  crowded and all the permanent teeth came out, she got no choice but to extract.

At first, she felt a little discomfort and annoyed with all the brackets, bands and wires around the mouth. She had two sleepless nights and ate only a small portion of food. It took her two weeks to adjust. A little reward helped her ease the feeling like preparing soft meal, soup and oatmeal. I know it was hard even without actually having to experience myself.

It is best to talk everything with the orthodontist  and consult the proper way how to take care of the teeth.  My daughter sometimes grinds her teeth at night. Good thing I mentioned the case of grinding and put the braces a little lower near the gums. I also bought an ortho-brush especially designed for teeth with braces. It is a soft bristled brush to prevent the removal of brackets.

Getting braces is an expensive treatment.  The cost is an ordeal itself.  Wearing braces is a painful experience but is definitely worth it because it will give a beautiful smile after the treatment.

Appreciate Life

Picture this in your mind.  It is Sunday afternoon and the sun hardly appears. The occasional rain shower creates  a relaxing mood  and the raindrops keep falling  like  music to the ear.   It makes  everyone  seems to either  relax or fall asleep. The home chores are all done and hours seem to pass by so slowly. Snuggling up in a large bean bag or a couch while doing a movie marathon. Endless supply of freshly popped buttered popcorn in a big bowl. Delivery man at the door with two large pizzas. Oh!  This is life!  What a real treat on a  weekend  without   even going out  to the mall  and  watch a movie.

Life is real good!  You just have to love life.  Remember this. You don't have to own the sun to appreciate the sunset!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellow Warning for Metro due to Storm Gener

Storm Gener is getting stronger as it hits Western and Northern Luzon. Tweet from  ANC:  for 10pm advisory: Yellow warning for Metro with moderate to heavy rains to continue for the next 3 hours. Floods possible.

I just hope that there is no flood because of possible landslide in some low lying areas. There is no storm signal in Metro Manila but the wind started to blow stronger. I could feel the wind   as it  closed  the door by itself  with a big bang.  As of 11:20pm, classes in many cities in Metro Manila are suspended.   DepEd also announced suspension of classes in Manila  tomorrow  from Kinder to HS.

Satellite Image of  Gener as of 10:32am July 29, 2012 Credit: PAGASA / DOST

Signal No. 2  Cagayan, Calayan Group of Islands, Babuyan Group of Islands
 Signal No. 1 Isabela, Kalinga, Apayao, Batanes Group of Islands

Gener  will bring  heavy rain  as the storm is  expected  to enhance  the Southwest Monsoon.

Binga, Magat and Caliraya Dams are now on spilling level.

What to do during the typhoon:

Stay indoors and watch TV or online news for weather update.
Have a flashlight and radio with battery in case  there is power interruption.
Have enough supply of food and water.
In case of flooding, turn off the main switch and gas.

Keep safe everyone.


The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is a film festival in the Philippines held at the CPP in the month of July every year. Organized by Cinemalaya Foundation, its aim is to develop and promote Filipino indie films. This year, APARISYON is one of the entry for Cinemalya. The story is about the sisters of the Adoration monastery. They live in a remote town in Rizal. Jodi Sta. Maria, Mylene Dizon are the lead cast. Also starring is our friend Star who is now a star for us. Please do watch the film. Click the Youtube link and Cinemalya Website for more info.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Olympic Game 2012 Opening in London

The Olympic game that officially launches today in London, England will create thousands of opportunity to those people with selling business particularly the  souvenir items like lapel pin, mugs, shirts and bags. If  I would be given a chance to be  in the Olympic crowd, I would take lots of photos especially the Football Superstar David Beckham who was among the final torchbearers carrying the Olympic torch.    Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and US First Lady Michelle Obama were among the VIPs and some 120 national leaders who graced the event.   The long and meticulous preparation for the main event paid off  with the goose bump performance and grand opening ceremony that just happened today!   I am one of the billions of  people who will  watch  the sports show on  TV.  Although  British capital  and Olympic stadium  is  a thousand miles away,   I'll get  more  live  updates  and news  from online website.

A Red Suprise for Joy!

This  is a long overdue post,  nevertheless the surprise birthday celebration  was done on the exact date   of  her  big day!  I was busy that day, and still is, and still  cramming every now and then  but  I made it  a point to see her and give her my warmest greeting.  The joyful mom, Joy,  is  now on her 3_th,  almost in her fortieth, as if  I'm making it too hard to guess.   It doesn't show right?  Now,  I am looking forward and  excited  for  that  day,  when she celebrates with us the fortyish life. Hurray!

Yes,  Beyonce was there too. She  was the  guest performer and  entertained us with her greatest hits.  We all  agreed to wear something red that day.  We're done with  different themes, (click the label "party"  on the sidebar)  White Baby Shower, Party Pink Baby Shower, Green Jenny,  Honey and Beds,  Red Christmas, Pink Pink Magaline, Pajama Send off,  Yellow Anniversary &  Jing's Casual Dress. Did I miss one?

What's behind the big smiles and chocolate cake?  It is rated SPG! lol.

(Grab this photo from Jenny of  ) 

Less word.  Let my photos speak.  To Joy, I wish you all the best in life!
Happy  Happy Birthday my dear friend.  You truly bring so much  joy  to all of us!  

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Filipino-American Head Coach returns to Manila for the NBA Trophy Tour presented by Gatorade

MANILA, July 24, 2012 – Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra is headed back to the Philippines this summer, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today. Spoelstra will be in Manila from August 2 to 5 for the NBA Trophy Tour presented by Gatorade.

Coach Erik Spoelstra led the Miami Heat to the 2012 NBA Championship and became the first ever Head Coach of Asian descent or heritage to win an NBA Championship. He returns to the Philippines next month for the third time with the NBA and its partners.

Following a press conference on August 2, the NBA Trophy Tour presented by Gatorade will take place at SM North Edsa on Saturday August 4 (The Block Atrium, 2 – 3pm), SM Megamall on Sunday August 5 (Event Center, 2:30 – 3:30pm) followed by SM Mall of Asia (MOA) on the same day (Music Hall, 4:30 – 5:30pm). Fans will be able to get up close to the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy and see Coach Spoelstra as he makes an appearance and chats with fans. During his visit, Spoelstra will also conduct an NBA 3X Clinic for teen boys and girls at the Jose Rizal University on August 2 in preparation for NBA 3X that will take place at the SM MOA from August 17 – 19.

As part of his trip to Manila, Spoelstra will host an interactive viewing party at the SM MOA Center Stage, where the NBA will air an NBA Finals game and fans will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience. The NBA Finals game will be shown on the large movie screen while Spoelstra provides his personal commentary, insights, and inside information about the game. Fans will also get a chance to interact with Spoelstra and ask questions during the viewing party. To determine which game will be aired, fans can log onto the NBA Philippines Facebook page at and vote for either Game 3 or 4 of the NBA Finals. Voting will run from July 27 – August 2. Voters are encouraged to share the poll with their Facebook friends and 20 lucky voters who do so will win a pair of tickets each to the interactive viewing party.

The NBA Trophy Tour featuring Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra is presented by Gatorade, the official sports drink of the NBA. Official partners include SM Supermalls, SM Cinemas and SM MOA. Media partners are Basketball TV, NBA Premium TV and Studio 23. Hotel partner is Marriott Manila.

 For more information about NBA activities in the Philippines, visit, like us on Facebook at    or follow us on twitter at 

About the NBA

The NBA is a global sports and media business that features three professional sports leagues: the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, and the NBA Development League. The league has established a major international presence, with offices in 15 markets worldwide, games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages, and NBA merchandise for sale in more than 125,000 stores in 100 countries on six continents. Current NBA rosters feature 78 international players from 39 countries and territories. The NBA’s digital assets include NBA TV, which is available in nearly 60 million U.S. homes, and, which averages more than 35 million page views per day, more than half of which originate from outside of North America. The NBA is the No. 1 professional sports league on social media, with more than 240 million fans and followers globally across all league, team, and player platforms. Through NBA Cares, the league and its teams and players have donated more than $190 million to charity, completed more than 1.9 million hours of hands-on community service, and created more than 700 places where kids and families can live, learn, or play.

Press Release

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Shout out to all the independent ladies out there! Figuring out the best birthday wish for all those women on top? Worry no more because Hallmark So Gorgeous Cards just have the perfect thoughts!

Those beautiful birthday ladies will surely feel the inner diva in them shine through as they hold on to a Hallmark So Gorgeous Card. They come in designs that are so elegant and regal perfect for any achieving woman. Make her feel like the A-list woman that she is with these fancy greeting cards from Hallmark.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Motorcycle Accidents

I  hope that the next time I switch the TV on,   the  reporter who covers the story on the road  shares  some good news  and not the  usual accidents that happen everyday in the same spot  in  what they call the killer highway located  in Commonwealth Avenue. CCTVs don't lie. They help to solve the case but the lives that were taken away from these accidents couldn't be revived anymore by cameras.  The common cause to blame is  the  usual human error committed by drivers.   I hope that the agencies that handle the Road Safety implement  to use protective gear especially the helmets on the road. Once the law is implemented strictly,  it will surely  lessen the road mishaps.

Data showed that  the Road Safety Unit said  that the motorcycles  accounted  for 80%  of road accidents and millions of people die due to road traffic crash. The traffic enforcers should also be very strict in implementing the law and fine those who violate  accordingly.  Drivers should properly observe the marked lanes intended for them like the  yellow,  blue  and  motorcycle lanes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dolphy, The King of Comedy dies at the age of 83

but the laughter will live forever!  Thank you for the memories and laughters, Dolphy!

I  received some text messages  awhile  ago asking confirmation  if   Dolphy is dead.  I couldn't  confirm  at once because I watched the news earlier  and  his  family  said  that   Dolphy's  condition was getting better and  he was responding well to the treatment. His son  Eric said that his father may be transferred to a  regular room once   the dialysis and blood transfusion were done, an indication that Dolphy was really getting better..     The news all over the net surprised me and I couldn't   believe it  until   I switched  the TV on and the  news from ABS-CBN just confirmed  that the king of comedy  has passed away. 

Dolphy  died  at the age of 83.  The  whole nation is praying for his soul.  He played different characters and served as inspiration to many.  Among the many characters  that he played on,  it's   his  role  as  John Puruntong     from the  TV show  "John  and Marsha"  that   made a big mark on TV  and touched the lives of many people. 

photo source:  internet

Monday, July 9, 2012

Living in an Urban Area

No matter how advanced we are today, there are still some people who are techy challenged and computer terms seem to be   unusual to them. Those who are living in a remote island only wait for the latest news or discovery and before even the news reaches them, a new gadget or technology is already introduced in the market. Cellphones and other gadgets could be very strange to them, even barcode scanner but surely the simplicity of their life is their own choice  and  that makes their life less complicated. 

I think they are blessed in some other ways but for us living in the city,  technology is a must and a partner in everyday life. I honestly have to admit, guilty as you may say,  but  I really can't live without the internet.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hallmark Eco-journaling

In the advent of eco and paper bags, environmental-friendly containers, and organic food and products, Hallmark does its share as well on being eco-friendly with the Everyday “Green” Journal.

Expressing your creative side while being a good child to Mother Nature is possible, easy, and made fun as each journal is made out of recycled paper and comes in different nature-inspired designs and colors.

 Overflowing with ideas and notes? Not to worry because this journal has 50 pages that will keep you writing again and again. Losing a pen (or having no pen at all!) is not a problem either, since each comes in handy with a matching pencil.

 Doodling, writing, noting, planning—the options are limitless. Easy on the budget and on Mother Nature, the Hallmark Everyday “Green” Journal lets out your creative side and will keep you writing more and more.

The above article  is a press release!

The Only Legacy

We are not a family of singers and my father was the only one who really had a talent in singing. Although my niece sings well, she never  sings professionally or maybe it isn't really  her passion. I believe if only she had developed it and  took  a  voice lesson, she most likely has excelled  pretty well in this field. She could hit the  high notes of   Celine Dion's songs.

I might become sentimental as I go on with this post. Whenever I post something about my late father, it makes me so emotional. Anyways,  I remember when my  father bought  a musical instrument   for my brother. It costs a thousand bucks but for the love of his son, he bought it as a gift for his once was stubborn and rebellious son. We  owned no wealth and only relied on a hand to mouth existence but to have it purchased was a real proof of  a real  love of  father to his son.  My brother  never really sings but just  strums the guitar well. I am sure if my father only knew where to find and buy  this customized guitar  he would surely have bought it for him. My brother now works abroad and I hope  that he treasured the only legacy that our father left to him and used it as a tool to  compose a song whenever homesickness strikes.  Let me end this post about the word I used at the above.  Rebellious word doesn't  fit  to describe  my brother anymore,  but a responsible and  a good hearted man.

Art Attack Badges! Collect 'em all!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekday on a Weekend

Saturday is not a weekend but another weekday for my two girls. Both are busy for their group projects.  Although we have enough supplies from scrapbooking, they still need more to finish their school project and paper works today. I placed an order for more supplies a couple of weeks ago using free shipping coupon codes   but I think it won't arrive soon. The  deadlines for the projects couldn't  be extended   and  my two girls both need to submit them on Monday. It is actually a busy day on weekend for me tending to everything and my children's need, plus their classmates/groupmates who came to the house.    The urgency of the project prompt me to check the available materials in a nearby store and as usual I ran errands for them. Sigh. I wish I have an assistant or a house helper to do half of my to-do-things list today.

Friday, July 6, 2012


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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