Monday, July 30, 2012

Dental Braces

It wasn't a simple decision because I know she will go through a difficult process, at her age. Taking braces will take at least 1 to 2  years depending on the treatment plus a monthly visit to the dentist. She had to undergo three tooth extractions because there is no space to fix the alignment. Other dentist stick to a no-extraction process but in her case where there is no space and  crowded and all the permanent teeth came out, she got no choice but to extract.

At first, she felt a little discomfort and annoyed with all the brackets, bands and wires around the mouth. She had two sleepless nights and ate only a small portion of food. It took her two weeks to adjust. A little reward helped her ease the feeling like preparing soft meal, soup and oatmeal. I know it was hard even without actually having to experience myself.

It is best to talk everything with the orthodontist  and consult the proper way how to take care of the teeth.  My daughter sometimes grinds her teeth at night. Good thing I mentioned the case of grinding and put the braces a little lower near the gums. I also bought an ortho-brush especially designed for teeth with braces. It is a soft bristled brush to prevent the removal of brackets.

Getting braces is an expensive treatment.  The cost is an ordeal itself.  Wearing braces is a painful experience but is definitely worth it because it will give a beautiful smile after the treatment.

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  1. i had braces too when i was still in highschool. i had 4 teeth extracted! masakit pero i got over the pain din soon. i think i have tolerance for pain eh. and i was very masipag. i was always at the dentist's clinic! haha.



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