Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hallmark Eco-journaling

In the advent of eco and paper bags, environmental-friendly containers, and organic food and products, Hallmark does its share as well on being eco-friendly with the Everyday “Green” Journal.

Expressing your creative side while being a good child to Mother Nature is possible, easy, and made fun as each journal is made out of recycled paper and comes in different nature-inspired designs and colors.

 Overflowing with ideas and notes? Not to worry because this journal has 50 pages that will keep you writing again and again. Losing a pen (or having no pen at all!) is not a problem either, since each comes in handy with a matching pencil.

 Doodling, writing, noting, planning—the options are limitless. Easy on the budget and on Mother Nature, the Hallmark Everyday “Green” Journal lets out your creative side and will keep you writing more and more.

The above article  is a press release!

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