Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Red Suprise for Joy!

This  is a long overdue post,  nevertheless the surprise birthday celebration  was done on the exact date   of  her  big day!  I was busy that day, and still is, and still  cramming every now and then  but  I made it  a point to see her and give her my warmest greeting.  The joyful mom, Joy,  is  now on her 3_th,  almost in her fortieth, as if  I'm making it too hard to guess.   It doesn't show right?  Now,  I am looking forward and  excited  for  that  day,  when she celebrates with us the fortyish life. Hurray!

Yes,  Beyonce was there too. She  was the  guest performer and  entertained us with her greatest hits.  We all  agreed to wear something red that day.  We're done with  different themes, (click the label "party"  on the sidebar)  White Baby Shower, Party Pink Baby Shower, Green Jenny,  Honey and Beds,  Red Christmas, Pink Pink Magaline, Pajama Send off,  Yellow Anniversary &  Jing's Casual Dress. Did I miss one?

What's behind the big smiles and chocolate cake?  It is rated SPG! lol.

(Grab this photo from Jenny of  ) 

Less word.  Let my photos speak.  To Joy, I wish you all the best in life!
Happy  Happy Birthday my dear friend.  You truly bring so much  joy  to all of us!  


  1. It was all fun. So, who's birthday is next? Ikaw naman sis! Punta kami sa inyo!!

  2. I was super sleepy at tired that day, but you made my day. Grabe, akala ko ako lang mahilig mang surprise...Thanks for the yummy chicken...


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