Monday, July 30, 2012

Appreciate Life

Picture this in your mind.  It is Sunday afternoon and the sun hardly appears. The occasional rain shower creates  a relaxing mood  and the raindrops keep falling  like  music to the ear.   It makes  everyone  seems to either  relax or fall asleep. The home chores are all done and hours seem to pass by so slowly. Snuggling up in a large bean bag or a couch while doing a movie marathon. Endless supply of freshly popped buttered popcorn in a big bowl. Delivery man at the door with two large pizzas. Oh!  This is life!  What a real treat on a  weekend  without   even going out  to the mall  and  watch a movie.

Life is real good!  You just have to love life.  Remember this. You don't have to own the sun to appreciate the sunset!

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  1. the pain will be rewarding when you'll see the result afterwards, er, 2 years or less.


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