Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekday on a Weekend

Saturday is not a weekend but another weekday for my two girls. Both are busy for their group projects.  Although we have enough supplies from scrapbooking, they still need more to finish their school project and paper works today. I placed an order for more supplies a couple of weeks ago using free shipping coupon codes   but I think it won't arrive soon. The  deadlines for the projects couldn't  be extended   and  my two girls both need to submit them on Monday. It is actually a busy day on weekend for me tending to everything and my children's need, plus their classmates/groupmates who came to the house.    The urgency of the project prompt me to check the available materials in a nearby store and as usual I ran errands for them. Sigh. I wish I have an assistant or a house helper to do half of my to-do-things list today.

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