Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nostalgia #78: My Fond Memories of Nutribun

If you are 70s baby and you went to a public elementary school, then you belong to Nutribun generation and have a fond memories of this cheap bread in the 70s.

What is Nutribun? (nutri-ban)

Nutribun was introduced in the early 70s to public elementary school students to fill up the malnutrition and crisis during those years. This is similar to Monay bread. Each class was given the exact number of Nutriban for a very affordable price. The Nutribun costs only few cents, only about five centavos. Sapilitan eto, mura naman. The photo I've posted here is a Monay, similarly close to Nutribun.

For my everyday baon, by which I remember was only 15 centavos, the cost of nutriban for recess was more than enough to survive the day. The bread is solid without air inside and not fluffy like the ordinary Pandesal. My siblings and I would share our baon together so we could buy a soft drink to go with this bread during recess. We would share in one bottle of soda to save money from our allowance. Once we consume the whole bun, we'd feel heavy and full because it was solid and it tasted good even without fillings or palaman. Sometimes, it has bukbok inside but it did not stop us to eat, we would just take them out of our Nutribun before we proceeded to eat. In my early age, I never thought about how freshly baked it was or if the ingredients were still fresh or whether the bread could be donated for a cause and about to expire. What I only thought about it, we're lucky enough to have something to eat, to have an affordable nutritional bun for recess.

Mura na me free bukbok pa. I am not kidding here. It was vivid in my memories. My kids are aware about my story of nutribun. I kept telling them again and again those happy days of my nutribun years. If this program will be revived today, more students in public school will benefit, of course minus the bukbok.

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  1. Naalala ko pa yang nutibun sis hehehe saka yung skim milk na binbigay nun dati sa school weeee. Parang ang tanda ko na lol. Buti ka pa 15 cents ako 5 cents lang binibigay ni mama wahhh. Kakatuwa balikan ang kabataan.

    Congratulations for being the first honor this week hehehe.

  2. Oh yes I do remember nutribun very much. I do love it a lot!


  3. Hala ang nutribun! I remember that very well, well, I've forgotten it until this minute. I've never set foot in a public school ever but guess what, they also sell nutribun in private schools. Palagi rin akong kumakain ng nutribun :D Ang saya ng post na to. Perfect for Nostalgia.

  4. Hahaha, natuwa naman ako sa post na to sis! Ang nutriban, bow! 70s baby ako. Meron pang naaalala akong kasamang klim at saka yung arinang pedeng gawing pulboron. Sarap sarap! Thanks for sharing!

  5. talas ng memory mo sis! naalala ko tuloy yung nutriban days ko, haha. i used to go to public school from grade 1-3 kasi pa lipat2x kami lagi at always late mgpa enroll kaya public school lang tumanggap.

    anyways, palagi din kaming nakatanggap ng nutribun with bukbok pa, haha. tapos minsan bigay din sila ng parang arenang pwede gawing pulboron, hehe..

    naaliw talaga ako sa post mo. ang saya balikan ang alaala..

    visiting from my nostalgia entry. thanks for dropping by my blog..

  6. ang saya naman ng nutribun post na ito! noon, madalas akong mag canteener, kami nagbabantay ng nutri bun..pagtapos namin tumulong magtinda, may liber kaming nutri bun.

  7. haha... classic! when i was in grade 1, nagpapabili pa si mother ng another pack for our merienda.

  8. Hahahaha natwa ako sa mga comments kala ko konti lang nakakain ng nutribun lol.

  9. I, too remember those days. Agawan pa kami ng mga classmates ko sa maitim na nutri bun kasi mas malasa yung medyo sunog. sa school namin may kaparis na kuwadradong cocojam na nakabalot sa plastic para ipalaman mo. If I remember right, 20-25 cents ang combo na yun.

    Naalaala ko rin yung mga payat naming mga classmates na pinadadala sa feeding room at pinapakain ng nutri bun at mainit na sopas para sila lumusog. Hehehe! Sila yung mga classic na lampayatot. Alaskado sila sa amin palagi kasi kasama sila sa feeding program. Malnourished ang tawag namin sa kanila. Classic bullying.

    1. Aww....PROUD TO BE batang Nutribun:-Dhappiness to the Max pag Nakita ko na nutribun na pasan pasan ng klasmeyt ko na parang si Santa Claus... sobrang siksik at sarap ng lasa.... I enjoyed having it tuwing recess til Grade 4, Kasi maliit na nung grade 5..... at parang monay na Lang nung 6th grade na ako..... Haiiiissst.... those were the days.....

  10. I too have fond memories of the nutribun era. I didn't go to public school but my next door neighbor did. I would always give her money to buy me one. I love bread and I'm always telling my co-workers about this bread for the longest time. Thank you for the post.

  11. I was telling my niece about how days in school were when I was in elementary and I told her about the nutribun. She requested that I google it because I was describing it to her. Fortunately, I found yoir piece on our favorite bun. Thank you for this. It surely brought back fond memories of home.


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