Monday, November 21, 2011

Eton International School - School Without Borders

Every parent wants a school that will give the best education for their children. A school without borders, Eton International School, provides a school where learning is more continuous, more relevant, and more adaptive. Classrooms are outfitted with the latest in interactive technology but school climate is homey--with diverse community members building congenial relationships.

I must admit, I really had a hard time analyzing how to teach my kids the easier way. I often find myself frustrated with my child's learning pace. I would always compare them how I learned during my grade school years. I want my children to learn the way I did but no matter how hard I tried and how many times I explained them and did a follow-up lessons after school, still, I feel disappointed with their grades. I am not a perfectionist nor expecting above average grade on their report cards but I don't know how to teach them the proper way. I sometimes lost my patience when teaching and I feel guilty afterwards.

The ETON curriculum deals with challenging and stimulating learning programs that apply these important elements such as critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration across networks and leading influence, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information and curiosity and imagination. This multifaceted curriculum includes lessons and activities based on the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles System to help every person to discover and reach his or her highest potential.

When I took the test at ETON to determine whether I am Global or Analytic, I found out that I am Global. I existed in this world for more than 40 years and I only knew it that day about similarities and differences between me and my children and the learning style to provide them for effective learning.

I am Global!

Each student has different learning strengths and preferences and the abilities to focus and learn. Students differ in processing style and preferred modalities. There are two general processing styles: the analytical and the global. Global learners absorb new knowledge faster in an environment with soft lighting and non-traditional seating while analytic learners are best in an environment with bright light and traditional seating positions. They want a quiet room, with no interruptions or disruptions.

Aside from the processing style, the ETON curriculum uses the Learning Styles for effective teaching strategies, through assessment of the students' preferred modalities of perception: visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. ETON evaluates each student's dominant modality of perception in connection to sensory data to determine the most effective instructional plan for a particular student.

Eton International School goal is to create a school without borders that allows their children to explore, think overcome and network with children in different pars of the world. They broaden students' horizons by stimulating their minds, confronting their physical challenges, and developing their circle of core competence at a very young age. They strive to help them open doors of learning rather than learning barriers.

ETON International School Achievements:

International Topnotchers in English, Math and Science, having a score of 96 - 99% from 2004 to 2010
National Achievement Test Topnotchers in 2010
Accelerated students in US, Spain, Malaysia and the Philippines

Eton International School-Malate is located at the heart of Malate, Manila.
1839 Dr. Vazquez St., Malate, Manila
(632) 526-2994 -95

Eton Quezon Avenue
3 Vinzon St., Cor. J. Abad SAntos, Heroes Hills, Quezon City
(632) 409 7822 / 409-7832



  1. Oh i wish I was there!! thats my first school n pinag workan. I saw our principal/ owner in one of the photos ;)) ahhahay i miss it. dati nsa ROBINSONS yan sila sa loob ng mall :) i love it!

  2. nice going to this school, if only they have mandaluyong or san juan branch.


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