Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wishing for a New Lens

From old film camera to high end DSLR, we can tell how technology changes so fast these days. When I bought my semi-pro camera last year, I had to admit that I was attracted by so many freebies including the lens cleaner. I was deceived and that I had to blame the impulsive side of me for having such camera. Only for a few dollar cost of freebies, it made me very easy to decide to pick that camera even if my mind was set to a certain brand and model. Because of too many choices, a thorough review will help if you are planning to purchase a camera.

DSLR camera is a common thing today. You can see many people with camera hanging around their shoulders even while just inside the shopping mall or at the park. Even the non professional photographer uses this kind of camera including myself. I can tell the big difference in terms of the quality of the photos. Images come so alive with this camera. Whether it is a canon eos rebel t1i or any high end DSLR, I know that people are proud owners of this gadget. I should know because I am a proud owner too. I love it and I know that sooner I'll be wishing for more with this addiction, a new lens to invest for my camera.

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