Monday, November 7, 2011

A day at Tagaytay Highlands

Picnic Grove, Tagaytay Zoo, fresh fruits, pineapple farm and a view of Taal Lake are just some of the popular destination in Tagaytay. When my friend, Joy invited us for Tagatay Spooktacular Halloween event with the kids, I replied without any hesitations because I've never been in Tagaytay Highlands. I've only seen the place online by virtual visit. Getting there needs an invite or a guest card to be able to enter the beautiful highlands.

When we enter the road to Highlands, I didn't expect the road to be that steep, even steeper than that of the Kenon Road. The curves are too sharp and you'll see yourself in the other side of the car once the car makes a tight turns. I could compare the ride to the amusement park. Thrilling and scary!

My kids and Joy's family, the Mendiolables. I say Mendiolables because they are so adorable.

As soon we reached the Highlands, my kids couldn't believe the beautiful scene around them and wanted to take all the pictures they could get. The sharp curves are all worth it. It's a piece of heaven on earth. It's like we were in a different place, a true paradise in the south. I can't exactly describe it, just simply amazing!

This is the view from the Clubhouse at the second floor overlooking the relaxing pool. We get here via cable car. I heard that going down here by car is similarly as steep just like when we enter the Highlands.

While waiting for the event to start, we were treated by Joy's friend for a lunch. Pasta and cold Nestea for refreshment were served to us.
With this beautiful view, requesting them to pose for the camera was not hard anymore and my daughters even asked me to click the shutter for many photo ops. This was taken at the funicular vehicle. The funny thing is, my hands became so stiff when the funicular vehicle started to move.. slowly going down to the church as if I'm riding in a one of the rides in Enchanted Kingdom. Guess what I discovered that day? I slowly conquered my fear of heights. I remember the last time I experienced riding a cable car in Picnic Grove with my friends, I screamed and shouted for life. That was so funny! I don't want my kids to see me so scared and so I stayed calm this time.

See the view at the back. Such a perfect view but I didn't actually enjoyed that much. Joy asked me to take the front seat with only a glass window in front. Oh my gulay, I took the middle seat and thought it's the safest place for me and the center of the funicular will give me comfort for a safe ride. Lol. Now I regret, I should have enjoyed the ride of my life.
My daughter with super cute Juancho, Joy's youngest son who is so witty and smart. I had a nose bleeding moment that day when this cute boy shared some jokes to us. Yeah, he shared it in foreign language too. My older daughter finds him really smart.

At the cable car. We took the cable car going down to the Clubhouse. Let me quote here what this little boy told us when her mom saw a banana tree with a banana heart. Joy shared that she loves banana heart however way it is cooked, Kinilaw or Ginataan. And here's what Juancho told her mom, "If I have wings, I will go down and get the banana for you so you could eat the banana heart." Isn't that so sweet to hear from a little boy. So very sweet! I want to give you a hug Juancho!

The breath taking view from the cable car. The cable ride will give you a bird's eye view of the Country ClubHouse, the Golf Courses and greeny views around.

As soon you get into the Clubhouse, there are ponds, fishing areas, garden, children's playground and gazebos where you can relax. This is just near the pool.

Spooktacular event. Joy's son reminded us that the bottles contain potion. It's actually a juice in different colors. Juancho gave each of us a bottle of this potion.

Halloween in Harry Potter theme.

At the Peak! I think we're so close to Taal Lake but we're actually higher than the Highlands. Obviously, we're at the Peak.

Mother-daughter tandem. Aren't they so pretty in the same outfit?

Thank you so much Mendiola family for the wonderful trip and for touring us around the Highlands. There were so many firsts in our lives for this day in Tagaytay Highlands. Dining at Tootsie's Restaurant before heading home is really wonderful. Thank you for the treat! Words are not enough to thank you guys!


  1. wow, you took it by heart..ang haba ng post! labyu nuts! the kids at home keeps caslling you tita nuts..and asking why nuts. juancho even said is she nuts thats why her name is nuts?

    til our next adventure

  2. we never been to Tagaytay Highlands, but I heard ang ganda nga... sayang lang wala kasi ako kilalang member don except ang boss ni hubby :)

  3. Awww, that's so sweet of Joy and her family. I haven't been to Tagaytay Highlands yet. I only see it on magazines.

  4. So saya ng experience! Nagrereminisce ako the first time we went there with the Mendiolables too! Hope we could go back there, altogether!
    You've such lovable kids my friend and of course, Juan's such a sweet boy, really. Love your blog, love your pics! Carry on...

  5. I've always dreamed of going to Tagaytay Highlands... I hope I can hook up with a member :)

  6. Oh so lovely sight!! i wanna go there!!! JOY SHOULD bring me there too pag balik ko!! waaaaaaaaaaah!! ingit ako to the highest level!!!

  7. you're most welcome. we had a great time touring you around. thank you for the company --- baguio naman! comment ni john yan.

  8. Blog walking! Please visit me too and leave a comment!
    I can relate to your excitement! Tagaytay Highlands really give a certain high to kids and adult alike. I so love Tagaytay Highlands too!


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