Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ipanema joins forces with the country's hottest designers for Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

Ipanema, the Brazilian flip-flop once again showcased its latest Resort Wear Collection for Spring - Summer 2012 in the recent Philippine Fashion Week held at SMEX Convention Center.

Taking its fashionable, comfortable flip-flops from the beach to the runways, Ipanema's summer-ready Spring Summer 2012 offering makes its mark the third time around at the Philippine Fashion Week last Saturday, October 29, 2011.

Inspired by the hip, Brazillian beach wear fashion, Ipanema's latest collection of sandals, flats and flip flops allows Filipino style-setters to enjoy the country's tropical weather in great comfort and impeccable style.

"Taking cues from the Ipanema brand's Brazillian heritage, this Spring/Summer season, we aim to offer young fashionistas a diversity of flip-flop options that are not just fit for the shores, but also for a variety of occasions-whether it's a chic day trip with friends or a stylish evening out with someone special," explains Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of Ipanema.

"We at Ipanema want our wearers to feel comfortable in their well-crafted, high quality Ipanema footwear, while at the same time, looking elegant and fashion-forward," Elizalde explains. "That's why, this season, Ipanema decided to partner with some of the country's influential designers to offer Filipino style savants an amalgamation of resort wear creations suited for the local and global fashion scene, " he reveals.

Lyle Ibanez, Catherine Cavilte and Dave Ocampo all crafted resort-ready ensembles, featuring a rich-hued repertoire or appropriate pieces suitable to the warm and tropical climate of the country, especially when styled with Ipanema's chic flip flops.

Ibanez and Cavilte both came up with color drenched collections for Ipanema, translating the color blocking trend intro creative and unusual pairings of pastel hues and vivid tones; while Ocampo concentrated on donning his creations with artistic prints, and cut in sexy silhouettes, apt to flaunt in relaxing, chill vacations.

Practicality and function were the focus of menswear mavens, Raoul Ramirez and Anthony Nocom as seen in their Spring/summer collections for Ipanema. Ramirez went for bold designs with his stand-out prints, inspired by the rich flora and fauna of the country; while Nocom dedicated his line to relaxed, laid back options that are dressy enough to wear from day until night.

These designers' rack-relevant creations definitely compliment Ipanema's relaxed, dressed-down fashion, offering comfortable sensuality characteristic of Brazillian style. Worn with Ipanema's functional, versatile, and trendy must-havens, Filipino fashionphiles can have a blast dressing up for the season at any occasion.


  1. The designer's of iPanema really did a great job. My top favorite is Anthony Nocom. I love his leopard beach cover-up so much! :)

  2. It was so nice to see you again at this event. Hope to see you again soon!

  3. Ipanema in Fashion Week is always a welcoming sight. Saya at makulay!


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