Monday, August 27, 2012

Paralympics 2012

I just visited the website for paralympic game and checked the latest update.   About 2.3 million tickets have been sold and are expected to watch as the ticket office has released further 70,000 tickets for the game. I just watched on local TV about the preparation of some athletes to compete for the game. I guess the number of tickets are far more than the last  paralympic game so call them ahead  because in two days time,  the game will finally open.   For paralympian or  non paralympian who wants  to go and need all the comfort,  well I  guess they  should  buy knee walkers  too for  comfort  and make their mobility easy.  It is amazing to  witness  how a swimmer demonstrates unbelievable swimming stroke  even   with physical disability when I  watched the  old video clips last year.

The  local athletes to compete were  featured last weekend. You wouldn't believe  their sporting talent  as they are  extraordinary despite their disability.  I wish that the true sense of  Paralympics spread and that  is the equality and the acceptance of everybody in our society as they also  excelled in anything they wish to do.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Diet Guide for High Cholesterol People


Meats, Fish

Choose lean meats (chicken, turkey, veal and non-fatty cuts of beef with excess fat trimmed). One serving of 3 oz cooked meat. Also fresh or frozen fish should be broiled (pan or oven) or baked on a rack.


Egg whites (use freely) Egg yolks (limit three per week)


Eat three servings of fresh fruit per day (1 serving = 1/2 cup) Be sure to have at least one citrus fruit daily. Frozen or canned fruit with no sugar or syrup added may be used.


Most vegetables are not limited. One dark green (string beans escarole) or one deep yellow (squash) vegetable is recommended daily.  Vegetables may be boiled, steamed, strained or braised with polyunsaturated vegetable.


Dried peas or beans (1 serving = 1/2 cup may be used as a bread substitute.


Pecan, walnuts and peanuts may be used sparingly. 1 serving = 1 tablespoonful

Bread, Grains

One roll or one slice of whole-grain or enriched bread may be used or three soda crackers or four pieces of Melba toast as a substitute. In preparing these food, do nut use butter or margarine. Also use egg and sugar substitute.


Use 1/2 cup hot cereal or 3/4 cup of cold cereal per day. Add sugar substitute if desired.

Milk Products

Always use skim milk products such as low-fat cheeses (farmer's, uncreamed, cottage, mozzarella), low fat yogurt and powdered skim milk.

Fats, Oils

Soft margarine and polyunsaturated vegetable oils derived from  soybean, sunflower, corn or sesame seeds.


Limit to two servings per day; substitute each serving for a bread/cereal; ice cream,  water sherbet (1/4 cup); unflavored gelatin flavored with sugar substitute (1/3 cup); pudding prepared with skim milk (1/2 cup); egg whites  souffles; unbuttered popcorn (1 1/2 cups)


Fresh fruit juices (limit 4 oz per day) black coffee, plain or herbal teas soft drinks, with sugar substitutes; club soda preferably salt-free; cocoa made with skim milk  or non-fat dried milk and water (sugar substitute added if desired); clear broth. Alcohol, limit two serving per day.


You may use the following freely; vinegar, spices, herbs, non fat bouillon, mustard. Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, flavoring essence.

Not Recommended

Pork, bacon, sausage and other pork products.
Limit egg yolks to three per week.
Avoid avocados and olives. Starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn Lima beans, dried beans may be used only if substituted for a serving of bread or cereal.
Commercial baked beans with sugar.
Avoid nuts. Limit pecans, walnuts to one tablespoon per day.
Any baked goods with shortening and or sugar. Commercial mixes with dried eggs and whole milk. Avoid sweet rolls, dough nuts and breakfast pastries.
Whole milk and whole milk packaged good, cream; ice cream, whole m ilk puddings, yogurt, or  cheeses, non dairy products.

source: therapharma

It's a lifestyle!

It's not really easy! I tell you.  I started trimming down my diet  to less salt, sweet and fatty food. My aim is not  really to have abs, of course,  and that would be ridiculous.  At my age, to have a BMI of  less than 24 would be good enough.  I added a 30-minute exercise to my daily routine, at least for the  start.  My body was kind of sore on the first day but it really worked out on me.

My first week was challenging. I started adding one cup of brown rice into my cooking pot.  The ratio is 1:1.  Though we still have white rice mixed or  until our 25 kilos of rice were consumed.  I don't know how long it will take for us to finish half sack when we could only consume 3 cups a day.  I  look forward to that day when I would serve plain brown rice in our table in every meal.  So to say, at least, we have few whole grain meal every day.

I couldn't believe the patience I exerted this week. I cooked spare ribs caldereta and put myself  into test. I only had small serving and stop. Clap! Clap!Clap!

I haven't tried  physical workouts in a gym yet. I will when I need too. For now, I am satisfied with my own program. I'm still looking for a gym buddy  to go with me and be my inspiration in case a buddy looses weight  effectively.    For now, I think there is no big difference  yet.  I haven't weighed myself   since I started  because I don't want to get disappointed once I found out that nothing really changed,   but at least for now,  sure am,  that I  lost  a  few pounds.  :)

photo credit:   internet:

Maria Lourdes P. A. Sereno, New Chief Justice

Associate Justice Maria Lourdes  Sereno has been appointed new chief  justice by  President Benigno Aquino  III.    Sereno  will serve  for 18 years or up to 2030 unless  she gets  impeached.

Prior to her stint at the Supreme Court, Sereno worked as Executive Director, Asian Institute of Management from February, 2009 to August 15, 2010. She also served as President of Accesslaw Inc. from April 2000 to August 15, 2010.

Sereno also taught at the University of the Philippines College of Law from 1986 to 2005 and served as a consultant for United Nations, World Bank, and US Agency for International Development (USAID) between 1995 and 2002.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Event

Time flies so fast! We will be going out to attend the baptismal of Lyn's  5th child, the 2nd boy to their family.  After the baby shower  last March,  where we have white theme for the party,  here comes  another milestone of  her son's Christian life,  the baptism.  Like any other celebration,  this  event needs a big  preparation too.

It looks like three family events this month, event after another.   It serves also as a  reunion for all of us, as if we don't see each other often.  There is no theme this time, unless I missed a message to wear one color. Even if there is,  I definitely  will wear an opposite color  again as  I've worn out everything in my  closet.  The most important thing is the meaning of  the celebration as we welcome  the child  in  Christian world.

3M Philippines and Summit Media Hold the 2nd Good Ideas Workshop this 2012 in Manila


After the successful opening in Cebu City last July 29, 3M Philippines, together with Summit Media, presented  this year's next leg of the GH Good Ideas Workshop in Metro Manila last August 12. Moms and their families were  treated to a day of fun and learning with all things about home improvement for the modern household.

The GH workshop, the biggest and most exciting get-together event for every mom and families,  went  to SM North Edsa, Metro Manila. 3M Philippines and Summit Media  to bring the best of home improvement ideas including topics about clutter management, and space saving home organization tips, from the country's best interior design and home experts.

 3M Philippines, the maker of Command Damage-Free Hanging Solutions, promotes space management solutions to improve living a quality for homes. 3M Philippines Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division Heads Vivian Faustino shares. "Following the success of the opening of the GH Good Ideas Workshop in its first leg in Cebu, we at 3M Philippines, together with Summit Media are glad to bring the next lef of this event back to metro Manila, where were it all started. We are here to share 3M's best home improvement solutions as we aspire to become every mom's partner for their home improvement needs."

As the core of its purpose, 3M Philippines provides convenient and efficient space management and organization solutions in every household through its Construction and Home Improvement Products  including Command Damage-Free Hanging Solutions and Scotch Duct Tape.

The GH Good Ideas Workshop educates attendees, to meet the challenges of the growing trend of high-rise or condominium  living in the Metro manila district.  Attendees  also get to enjoy fun games, mini booths, foods, prizes and freebies from 3M Philippines.

To know more about 3M Philippines and its Command and Scotch products, visit or follow @3mnews on twitter.

Command and Scotch are registered trademarks of 3M.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The perils of an unhealthy lifestyle

Where do I begin? After more than a week of hiatus, I am back to blogging but I don't really know where to start. Now I understand how life it is living in the 40s. My experience made me realize that life could be very short if you live an unhealthy life. I always utter these words that I will die young, maybe 40 to 45. Realization came when I woke up one morning with shortness in breathing. I thought I was really seriously ill. I thought I will die earlier than my mother was. It put me into a severe panic attack.

Last Sunday morning, despite my condition, I managed to attend the baptismal of my friend Bed's baby and later in the afternoon for the premier screening of the movie of my friend Jing. I thought that shortness in my breathing was just a heartburn. But as the day went on, it became worst and I couldn't even move half of my body. The next morning, after that sleepless night, I couldn't bear the pain anymore and it even got harder for me because half part of my head was aching. I couldn't explain how painful it was. It was just so bad. I asked a friend to take me to the hospital for emergency treatment. We went straight to a cardiologist to seek an emergency treatment. I was given a pain reliever. Initially, I underwent an ECG test and the result was good. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctor gave me some laboratory requests for complete blood chem, urinalysis and X-ray.

I was luckier because before even the storm like "Habagat" came, and that floody and rainy days over the week, I already had my complete medicine to manage my blood pressure. Goshling! HBP could've have killed me that day. For the whole week where Manila was drowned to a high flood, I was calmed because I had a maintenance for my blood pressure.

With all the results in my hand after a week, I went back to the doctor with all the laboratory results. The results were almost normal except for the bad cholesterol which I had much in my body while good cholesterol were only few. I was given a prescription for my HBP and bad cholesterol too. When my doctor checked my blood pressure, my left and right arms showed different results, extremely different with my left arm 120/80 and right with 160/100. Another request for a Doppler echo was given to locate the possible hardening of arteries and to check the condition of my blood vessel.

I realized that I risked my life of possibly having a stroke with the kind of lifestyle that I have. When I consulted a dietitian, I was given 4 months to reduce the 12 pounds excess from my body. I was advised to take 4 pounds every month with proper diet and physical activities. I need to take a lot of effort to detox my body and work hard to sweat it out for a healthier life. I am not yet obese, just a little overweight.

My diet now includes low fat, low salt and strictly no soda.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shoo the flu this rainy season

Health woes are on the rise during the wet season. The high humidity during the rainy weather spurs the spread of harmful germs and bacteria that make us more vulnerable to different kinds of water-borne and air-borne diseases like colds, cough, influenza, viral fever, diarrhea and sore throat. Especially kids. Moms and Dads, always be on guard to protect your child from all sorts of sickness during rainy days. But when – despite your best efforts to protect them from fever and flu – make sure they’re comfortable and well cared for. Here are some TLC tips for parents for their kids :

  1. Gear them up. Don’t send them off to school without a jacket, an umbrella or a raincoat. If your area is prone to flooding, buy them rain boots so they can wade in water without contracting water-borne infections such as leptospirosis. 
  2. Bathe them as soon as possible if they get soaked in the rain. Taking a shower after getting soaked in the rain is good advice. Diseases develop when the body experiences a drastic change in temperature. A shower stabilizes the cold and makes the body adjust to normal temperature.
  3. Keep your kids’ hands away from their mouths. Children are fond of nibbling and chewing on their nails, with dirty hands! Cold and flu viruses enter through the mouth, the nose and eyes. So kids shouldn’t touch their faces when their hands are dirty. 
  4. Teach them to wash hands frequently and thoroughly. Preventing the spread of a disease always starts with basic hygiene. Remind your kids to wash their hands as frequently as possible. Tell them that a quick rinse won’t do the trick! It takes at least 20 to 30 seconds to kill the germs, about as long as it takes to hum a Happy Birthday song. Always let them keep a hand sanitizer or alcogel in their bags too! 
  5. If they get sick, feed them nutritious soups and give them fever medicine. Mom’s good old fashioned chicken soup still works wonders in this day and age. Maybe part of its power comes from the soup’s warmth and the TLC that goes with its preparation. Sick kids always respond well to Mom’s care and concern. 
  6. Ease their fever with Nexcare™ Cooling Gel Patches for Kids and Adults and get rid of their aches and pains with Nexcare Hot and Cold Pack. Nexcare™ cooling gel strips provide a cooling effect and ideal for lowering fever because they help cool the skin fast. Easy to apply and remove, they’re safe and non-medicinal so they can be used with traditional medicines. For other aches and pains, Nexcare™ reuseable Hot and Cold Pack is the ideal remedy. This dual-purpose soft, gel-filled pack provides relief when cold and soothes muscle pains when hot. It includes a protective cover with elastic strap to secure the pack in place. 

Nexcare™ products are available in all leading drugstores and malls nationwide.

For more information, visit 30 Nexcare™ is a Trademark of 3M. 3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better.

3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing. With $30 billion in sales, 3M employs 84,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. For more information, visit or like 3M.Philippines on Facebook for updates.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pacific 360° - Evening Cocktails With A Spectacular Cityscape View At The Pacific Lounge

Located on the 21st floor of Pan Pacific Manila, the Pacific Lounge offers the Pacific 360° - pre-dinner cocktails with free-flowing standard drinks and delectable appetizers over a spectacular evening cityscape.

 In addition to the 360° panoramic night view of the bay area, guests can enjoy unlimited hand-crafted cocktails, sub-zero beer, red and white wine selection by the glass, and an assortment of heavenly canapés and appetizers. So, let your day wind down by sipping an after-dinner drink under the stars and above the city. Life is good!

The Pacific 360° is available every night from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at only PHP 600 net per person.

For enquiries and reservations, email or call 318-0788 and ask for the Butler, of course!

Pan Pacific Manila is at M. Adriatico corner Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. For events and other offers, visit

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amazing X Factor Contestants

All  the contestants of   "X Factor"   were quite impressive.  Everyone seems to perform to the highest level.  The third contestant, Modesto, proved everybody wrong because, at his age, he performed actively with the song "Go Johnny Go".  It's a bit fast, though he sounds good with  slow song,  with  the quality of voice that he has,  the choice still  fits his voice perfectly .

For  another number from group category,  "Daddy's Home",   Pilita Corales commented that she fell in love with the song "Till my Heartaches End,"    while  Gary V,   the mentor of the group added that the audience who's  already so sure to where their votes  would  go,  probably changed  their bets and support  "Daddy's Home" after  that power number.

Now,  I am excited to watch more from the show! This is truly amazing with the unbelievable talents of the X Factor contestants!

The NBA Championship Trophy

The trophy at my back is an NBA's Larry O'Brien Trophy.  During the press con, Coach Erik Spoelstra said that his luggage was a bit heavier at his fifth visit to the Philippines because of this trophy. The security team kept  reminding us not to touch    the golden championship trophy.  It was an amazing experience to have been in the press con, even if it's not a one on one interview with the champion coach. Filipinos are indeed blessed to have Coach Erik Spoelstra,  who,  inspite  of  his current status,  is still  proud  of  his  Filipino heritage.

Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture

Interior designers take a lot of experimentation before getting the final design. If you don't have enough budget  to consult  a designer,  DIY,  try  everything  and you'll see that the creative juices will  flow  naturally in  you even without them.  There are also plenty  of online stores that offer a complete package  to help you  and also provide  links where to buy  the  right  home furnishings. 

If you hire a designer,  listen to his suggestions and vice versa.  Do not  be  fascinated  with  furnishings coated with beautiful color.  Check the quality first.   The living room  should  give  a  relaxing view  while the bedroom should be simple   like  rustic furniture  to maintain  its organized look.  Choosing the right design of  the house is no different  to  wearing and experimenting different clothes.   You just need  be experimental to come up with the  best design.

Friday, August 3, 2012

“BAYANI... ANG TATAY KO...” Premieres on August 5

Filipinos are noted to have a very significant and positive attitude in handling difficulties in life. Others may also treat their predicaments in sort of “cool” manners, which the Pinoys are really known for. M&N Films have come up with a brilliant idea of ideally showing to the public the film “Bayani Ang Tatay Ko.” An indie film about life, its struggles... it’s about presenting life’s most vivid moments with the people we love. This film not only wishes to instill family values but also provide entertainment and at the same time honors the law enforcers.

Actor-comedian and host Bayani Agbayani plays SPO3 Nicanor Corpuz , a decorated cop, loving dad and husband to his wife Susan played by Yayo Aguila, and son, Adrian played by child actor Yogo Singh. They live a simple, happy life until an incident took their lives on a different turn. One morning while in the police detachment where he is working, Taning played by Rommel Montano, a toughie from an influential family came looking for his colleague, SPO1 Joey Ponce. Ponce apparently shut down his illegal “videokarera” business and refused to accept a bribe, making the latter furious. Taning was scandalizing the station so he took a policewoman, SPO2 Pinky Madrigal hostage prompting Nick to defend his colleague.

Nick was suspended from service and he turned to selling “isaw” to make ends meet. Failing to do so, his wife Susan decided to go to Hongkong to work as a domestic helper. To help him in his business, Susan sent his brother, Ading played by Gene Padilla to help Nick tend to the isaw business. But the former cop realized that he is not cut for business, so he asked for his ninong, Col. Roberto Ugarte to give him an assignment. Colonel Ugarte referred him to the city hall where he worked as a traffic enforcer. As a traffic enforcer, Nick has learned to be happy with his new job because he wears a uniform and arrests violators. It was at this time when he was informed that his colleague, Ponce has remained missing since the precinct incident; SPO1 Fernandez had been looking for him. Worse, his wife Susan called to tell him she was victimized by an illegal recruiter.

All these tribulations that had happened to Nick and his family occurred very untimely. Witness how will a typical Filipino family face these challenges in a comedic and a bit of dramatic way with a sting of action to highlight the story.

Joining the lead stars are actor/model and ex-PBB housemate, Johann Santos, Ms. Jet Claveria, Butch Elizalde, Pinoy T.A.L.K. host Paul Quimbo,  Ms. Jing Javier and Paulo Ponce and is under the helm of Ellen Argano. “Bayani...Ang Tatay Ko...” is one of the official entries to the 2nd PNP Film Festival and subsequently, the awarding will take place at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on August 7, 2012.

Being a policeman is indeed a heroic profession; it is both a difficult and extensive task enabling continuous protection of the public and their property as well as maintaining law and order. Preventing crime, reducing its fear and ensuring the improvement of every citizen’s quality of life are no way an easy job. So let us all salute the gentle officers... the all-time “bayani” of every community.

“Bayani...Ang Tatay Ko...” will have its premiere showing on August 5, 2012, Sunday at SM North Edsa Cinema 5, 5:00- 6:30 PM. Please be guided for further announcements and updates of the movie’s scheduled screenings in various theaters nationwide. For the movie's block screening and sponsorship matters, please contact Ms. Nanette or Grace at these numbers: 425-1658 and 0915-8170505

For more info and updates please visit and like their Facebook page:   Bayani AngTatay Ko 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tears for Fears Live in Manila

Be ready to a  nostalgic trip that will  take you back to the 80s as Tears for Fears will be having  shows in Manila on August 10, 2012 and  Cebu on August 12, 2012.   I missed their 1-night concert last 2010,  so I  should be there at the dome this time!   photo source: internet


Moose Gear celebrates 20 years of being one of the leading brands in kids fashion. It has definitely gone a long way when it began as it now has the Moose Girl line for girls.

Through the years, Moose Gear has established itself as one of the trendsetters in children’s fashion. This is due in large part to the quality of its pieces and how it has provided up-to-date designs with a wide array of selections that both moms and kids alike love. The material Moose Gear uses are made of 100% cotton fabrics that feel good on the skin. Its collection ranges from loose shirt and polos, button down polo shirts and jackets that come in classic shades to fun shades, loose and tight-fit denim jeans, and shorts in plaid and cargo styles perfect for active boys who play a lot. Boys really need clothes that can withstand their rough and tumble world. Clothes like Moose Gear are built for boys.

Moose Girls clothes, on the other hand, offer the latest in young female wear. The Moose Girl line showcases the hippest tween trends as the selection offers pieces embellished with sparkles and sequins. These come in bright, happy colors, with top quality graphics for fashion tops, stylish shorts, leggings, pants, and skirts, which every girl want.

Aside from its fashionable clothes for kids Moose Gear and Moose Girl are also known for their brand ambassadors. The brands have been family to a lot of Goin’ Bulilit kids such as Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, Mika Dela Cruz, Angelo Garcia, Aaron Junatas. At present, its brand ambassadors are Bugoy Carino, Izzy Canillo, Xyriel Manabat, Blythe Gorostiza and ChaCha Cañete. And now on its 20th year, the latest addition to the Moose Gear family is no less than Zaijan Jaranilla.

Zaijian‘s popularity soared to great heights when he played the role of Santino in ABS-CBN’s top-rating teleserye, "May Bukas Pa." He also starred in “Noah” and “Ikaw Ay Pag-ibig.” Zaijian is indeed perfect for the brand that also exudes his wholesome and playful personality. Now, he plays the lead role in “Lorenzo’s Time.”

 Moose Gear is available in all SM and other leading department stores nationwide. Visit its Facebook fanpage,  for more product info.

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