Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Event

Time flies so fast! We will be going out to attend the baptismal of Lyn's  5th child, the 2nd boy to their family.  After the baby shower  last March,  where we have white theme for the party,  here comes  another milestone of  her son's Christian life,  the baptism.  Like any other celebration,  this  event needs a big  preparation too.

It looks like three family events this month, event after another.   It serves also as a  reunion for all of us, as if we don't see each other often.  There is no theme this time, unless I missed a message to wear one color. Even if there is,  I definitely  will wear an opposite color  again as  I've worn out everything in my  closet.  The most important thing is the meaning of  the celebration as we welcome  the child  in  Christian world.

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  1. of all family events, baby shower is one of the most exciting because it's a celebration of a new life...

    by the way, can you please check THIS out?


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