Monday, August 27, 2012

Paralympics 2012

I just visited the website for paralympic game and checked the latest update.   About 2.3 million tickets have been sold and are expected to watch as the ticket office has released further 70,000 tickets for the game. I just watched on local TV about the preparation of some athletes to compete for the game. I guess the number of tickets are far more than the last  paralympic game so call them ahead  because in two days time,  the game will finally open.   For paralympian or  non paralympian who wants  to go and need all the comfort,  well I  guess they  should  buy knee walkers  too for  comfort  and make their mobility easy.  It is amazing to  witness  how a swimmer demonstrates unbelievable swimming stroke  even   with physical disability when I  watched the  old video clips last year.

The  local athletes to compete were  featured last weekend. You wouldn't believe  their sporting talent  as they are  extraordinary despite their disability.  I wish that the true sense of  Paralympics spread and that  is the equality and the acceptance of everybody in our society as they also  excelled in anything they wish to do.

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