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Diet Guide for High Cholesterol People


Meats, Fish

Choose lean meats (chicken, turkey, veal and non-fatty cuts of beef with excess fat trimmed). One serving of 3 oz cooked meat. Also fresh or frozen fish should be broiled (pan or oven) or baked on a rack.


Egg whites (use freely) Egg yolks (limit three per week)


Eat three servings of fresh fruit per day (1 serving = 1/2 cup) Be sure to have at least one citrus fruit daily. Frozen or canned fruit with no sugar or syrup added may be used.


Most vegetables are not limited. One dark green (string beans escarole) or one deep yellow (squash) vegetable is recommended daily.  Vegetables may be boiled, steamed, strained or braised with polyunsaturated vegetable.


Dried peas or beans (1 serving = 1/2 cup may be used as a bread substitute.


Pecan, walnuts and peanuts may be used sparingly. 1 serving = 1 tablespoonful

Bread, Grains

One roll or one slice of whole-grain or enriched bread may be used or three soda crackers or four pieces of Melba toast as a substitute. In preparing these food, do nut use butter or margarine. Also use egg and sugar substitute.


Use 1/2 cup hot cereal or 3/4 cup of cold cereal per day. Add sugar substitute if desired.

Milk Products

Always use skim milk products such as low-fat cheeses (farmer's, uncreamed, cottage, mozzarella), low fat yogurt and powdered skim milk.

Fats, Oils

Soft margarine and polyunsaturated vegetable oils derived from  soybean, sunflower, corn or sesame seeds.


Limit to two servings per day; substitute each serving for a bread/cereal; ice cream,  water sherbet (1/4 cup); unflavored gelatin flavored with sugar substitute (1/3 cup); pudding prepared with skim milk (1/2 cup); egg whites  souffles; unbuttered popcorn (1 1/2 cups)


Fresh fruit juices (limit 4 oz per day) black coffee, plain or herbal teas soft drinks, with sugar substitutes; club soda preferably salt-free; cocoa made with skim milk  or non-fat dried milk and water (sugar substitute added if desired); clear broth. Alcohol, limit two serving per day.


You may use the following freely; vinegar, spices, herbs, non fat bouillon, mustard. Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, flavoring essence.

Not Recommended

Pork, bacon, sausage and other pork products.
Limit egg yolks to three per week.
Avoid avocados and olives. Starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn Lima beans, dried beans may be used only if substituted for a serving of bread or cereal.
Commercial baked beans with sugar.
Avoid nuts. Limit pecans, walnuts to one tablespoon per day.
Any baked goods with shortening and or sugar. Commercial mixes with dried eggs and whole milk. Avoid sweet rolls, dough nuts and breakfast pastries.
Whole milk and whole milk packaged good, cream; ice cream, whole m ilk puddings, yogurt, or  cheeses, non dairy products.

source: therapharma


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