Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amazing X Factor Contestants

All  the contestants of   "X Factor"   were quite impressive.  Everyone seems to perform to the highest level.  The third contestant, Modesto, proved everybody wrong because, at his age, he performed actively with the song "Go Johnny Go".  It's a bit fast, though he sounds good with  slow song,  with  the quality of voice that he has,  the choice still  fits his voice perfectly .

For  another number from group category,  "Daddy's Home",   Pilita Corales commented that she fell in love with the song "Till my Heartaches End,"    while  Gary V,   the mentor of the group added that the audience who's  already so sure to where their votes  would  go,  probably changed  their bets and support  "Daddy's Home" after  that power number.

Now,  I am excited to watch more from the show! This is truly amazing with the unbelievable talents of the X Factor contestants!


  1. Xfactor UK will start this saturday. I havnt watched a single episode of Pinas Xfactor yet, but i hope it's ok..

  2. we're rooting for KZ :) she really have an X FACTOR :)


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