Monday, January 30, 2017

What a Magazine Should Be

I am not a musician but  I found  something that  relates to music that I can include in the list of my favorite reading materials.  It was founded  in 1983 in California. Their first catalog was a simple two-color flyers offering discounted guitar strings and other accessories. As of 2017, there are several locations of  this around the U.S. It is regarded as the largest seller of music gear in the world. The catalog can be found in coffee tables, recording studios, and touring buses. musicians friend magazine offers musical instruments, gear, and exclusive content. It offers guitars from Fender, Gibson, and Taylor including Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Les Paul guitars. It also provides interviews with artists about the gear and techniques they used. Reviews for product rundowns that cover the music gear in different categories are also included.

A Moment Like This

Looks like we were in a secluded spot. This is actually a tourist destination but we were a bit lucky that it was not crowded and the weather was just perfect that day. Before we entered the park, there were already warnings to make an arrangement in case you have a driver to pick you up because communication would be hard that you can't make a call or even SMS.  It was a surprise to see these two enjoying a no-signal  zone.  They usually freak out  without  their phones in nanosecond.  For a while, they embraced the real world and opened their eyes to  the beauty of  God's creations.

It's just awesome!

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