Monday, July 31, 2017

A Vacation Worth Every Penny

Spend money on experiences than material things. Happiness on material things fade quickly while experiences  go up with time.

One thousand four hundred miles  across  of  mountains,  highways, canyons and beautiful sight  made our  2017 summer  (oops summer's not over yet) a  vacation that is worth every penny.   I have no bucketlist to tick of the places I wanna be  because there's a lot on my mind that wanders and wonders everytime.

The above photo is from Park City.  I'm caught again between work and time and uploading photos take a lot of process by mobile.  Sitting in my draft page is another travel to add to my hundreds of backlogs,   hoping to publish soon when I get hold of  my new tool to blog.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Scholar at UCLA

I should make it a  title slash headline so the world will know how proud I am for this little achievement but means a lot to me.

It's another milestone in my daughter's journey as a student as  she juggles her life between school, hospital and as a summer scholar at UCLA. Another proud mom-moment here and it's my bragging rights  I should say. 😊

I snapped this from dormitory as I helped her settle everything before letting her live a life away from home and  giving myself a little time before  separation anxiety hits me.

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