Monday, February 16, 2015

Thinking Man's Classroom

With today’s landscape of information and technology dominating media and the web, it is easy to say things without really thinking about what we say. Such a condition reduces and simplifies the contemporary world in all its complexity. At the same time, however, these advances in the availability and growth of information and technology also brings about the possibility of bypassing traditional means and modes of production and exchange, one of which is education.

An online channel featuring 4 shows initially, Thinking Man’s Classroom envisions itself as an avenue for the free discussion of ideas and culture, with several podcasts segmented, highlighting different aspects of reinventing education.

First of these is The Museum of Randomly Perfected Broken Bodies, a story telling show with a darker angle on life's little secrets, little untold stories which cuts through the usual limits of what can be said. Hosting this show is Manu Respall, a visionary conceptual artist, a character actor, a poet, writer and an explorer of realms. Manu believes that there is beauty to all the madness in the world. With random characters guesting in the show to contribute in its subtle abstraction, the stories will be written by Manu himself.

Second in the line-up of shows is Random Fandom, a show designed to turn up the geek inside all of us, whether it be movies, shows, toys or pop culture. Hosting this show is Jon SideƱo, a book enthusiast and an avid fan of Star Trek and James Bond.

Next is Principals of Principle, a talk show turning to matters of philosophy and opinion in free-wheeling discussions among its hosts. Principals of Principle brings together a panel of people from different walks of life to exchange ideas which aim to present as many sides of the topic as possible. Hosting this show are sci-fi enthusiast Nii Foronda, journalist Alma Anonas-Carpio, VJ-presenter Angel Jones, poet-critic Vince Dioquino, cathecist Kim Tengco and photographer-activist Niccolo Cosme.

Last but certainly not least of Thinking Man’s Classroom’s lineup is For Word and By Word, a show about the power of words over a population of upright creatures that communicate through sound and gesture, performance and imagination. Hosted by performance poet, educator and radio host Kooky Tuason, the show aims to prove that words are more powerful than an army of armed warriors in the arena of life because we are moved by words and live by them.

Born through Kooky’s vision of helping out fellow artists and forged through her innovating initiative, Thinking Man’s Classroom aspires at becoming a space for different people to freely discuss what is happening in today's world. Directed by Clayshop's August Lyle Espino, Thinking Man’s Classroom premieres February 23, 2015. Stay up to date and follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Thinking Man's Classroom

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How weight affects your fertility

I am lucky to have two beautiful daughters and it's the best thing that happened to me. I know some people that are trying to conceive for years now and still not getting lucky. Usually it's medical reason but possibly just wrong timing. To help other women out there that wanted to conceive, here's a short article  that might help millions.

Did you know that more than one in six couples suffers from some form of fertility issue that makes it difficult for them to get pregnant? According to, one of the biggest factors affecting fertility is something weight and/or diet related. Maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way towards affecting your fertility, and it’s one of the biggest things that a woman can do on her own to affect her fertility. Doctors say that if a woman is overweight, losing as little as ten percent of her body weight can dramatically improve her fertility. Of course, eating right and exercising regularly will benefit the body in all sorts of ways, not just fertility related ones, so it’s a great choice to make. It doesn’t have to be a major thing, if you want to lose weight to boost your fertility. Just incorporate exercise into your daily routine, maybe as an evening walk after dinner, and pay close attention to your food choices. Junk foods, processed foods, and foods like fast foods and sugary snacks are all very bad for fertility and weight gain both. All it takes to improve your fertility is changing the way you think about food, diet and exercise, and taking time to think things through and make better choices when it comes to what you are putting in your body.

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