Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Blissful Year

My day started at exactly 6:14 as I woke up with a text coming from a thousand miles.    The greetings made me feel  extra special to think that someone remembers my birthday despite the time difference and distance.  The next  few hours were hectic for me, tending to my children who happened to have  school events that day.  I sent my younger daughter to school, picked her up and cooked  in between. By 10 o'clock,  I hurried myself  to my older daughter's school for first quarter Parent Teacher Conference. I  left  my phone at  home and when I came back I already have several missed calls coming from my friends who texted me they're  coming for my birthday. I was touched by their plan but I told them I haven't prepared  and only cooked caldereta  using a kilo and half  pork from the fridge.  I didn't expect they're coming.  Joy  came with a red ribbon cake coming from Jes, the  Texas Girl aherm Arkansas. Our dear friend Jes is  from Arkansas and not  from Texas. Teehee.  You are  the bestest  for all the effort  you exerted, seriously!   Thank you so  much guys for coming,  Jing, Beds and Lyn also for the food.  Thank  you Joy for the red wine and your helpful advice to take a shot  before hitting the sack.    I hope we're complete in  the next event.  Jes, of course is on the other side of the planet   but  it could be possible online only  if she's not sleeping at 6am when we placed a  video call.  

photo credits:  Jing of

If you think that I look thin here,  don't be deceived for I shrunk and hid myself in between these awesome ladies.

I thought my day would be a simple one but you just made it extra special. 

I couldn't imagine how the food became adequate.  I wasn't  prepared at all.   I promise to cook more  next time,  hopefully  for the next birthdays or  whatever  event we could make for another get together party. These ladies left the table at mess.  Teehee.  Kidding.  These were taken for photo ops only.  Do I sound defensive here?  Lol.  I am afraid these ladies  lose  their  poise and style once this  photo spreads out  in world wide web.  Haha.  Anyways,  your identities are safe with me,  covered with the packed left overs.  Lol.

Thank you guys  for coming despite my advisory  of  a  "No Parking"  zone  area in our community.  You all  made your own way  somewhere in between the corner of  crowded parked cars.

Thank you all who greeted on my birthday.

Thank God  for another blissful  year of my  life.

 See more photos here.


  1. We really had a good time! John was "kuleting" me about giving you a surprise visit. Prior months before your birthday, he'd say you should visit Nora at her place, sya nga pumunta sa mag houses nyo e. Love ka ng boyfriend ko. Cool ka daw e, at mabait. Talaga ba?

  2. heheheehehh ang saya naman! kainggit!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ulet and i am glad you liked the cake! namimiss ko n ang cake sa pinas...ang tamis ng cake here sobra! :D ehehheheh ikain mo nlng ako ng cake! ;)


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