Saturday, September 22, 2012

Congratulations UP Pep Squad!

The UP PEP Squad

Before even the results were officially announced I already had my own rankings, here follows:  1) UP   2) FEU  3) NU   4) DLSU   5) UST  6) ADMU   7) UE.  and I never failed with my result  for the first place   as  UP  Pep Squad once again  was announced  as  Cheerdance Winner for this year's competition,  so as with my 2nd and 3rd.  For my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th,  I don't know.

Here's  the list of winners for this year's competition:

Samsung Group Stunt Exhibition
3rd Place:  NU 
2nd Place: FEU

1st Place:  UP

2012 Samsung Cheerdance Competition

2nd Runner-Up:  NU
1st Runner Up:    FEU

2012 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Competion Champion:   UP Pep Squad

Samsung Stunner  Award:  Nicolette  of  UP Pep Squad

We  watched  (live via Studio 23)   and cheered   for Uste.  Their cheerleading  moves  were entertaining but I  saw some flaws and I think that they didn't deliver the theme, "Rio Brazil"  well that turned Santacruzan or should I say festival  in the end?  Do they choose their own theme?   Nevertheless, Tigers should be given an award too for  that  six minute presentation.  There's always next time anyway.

NU  improved a lot this year.

I like the cheerleading for ADMU but I don't like the robot props.

FEU Cheerdance moves were tight and rigid.

UP showed excellent moves  where I gave perfect points in stunts, choreography, themes and creativity. Simply amazing. I saw a wrong move at the end but it didn't matter at all as it wasn't obvious anyway and the team  stayed  still  in good  poise. The pep squad  members all came in clean hairstyle.  The sound effect is perfect  for the theme, "freedom and equality."

Congratulations UP Pep Squad!

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  1. I'm a proud Iska and even became prouder with this win. I hope they still get the grand prize next year!

  2. Makes me proud to be a UP alumna :). Now if only we can win the UAAP basketball games....


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