Saturday, September 8, 2012

At Flower Market

I live near Dangwa,  a place where flowers are abundant. I mean, not a garden but a  flower market  that sells  wholesale flowers and makes flower arrangements on all occasions like birthdays, weddings and  events where flowers serve as a decorative material. On a usual day, you would see owners with a  few customer, most of them are  looking for wedding packages  but  on a day like All Saints Day,  Valentines day and Graduation Day,  a volume of  buyers, (businesses and individuals)  flock  into this place to buy    flowers on a cheaper  price.  Expect a heavy traffic because  vendors  occupy   four  streets and stretches a few meters from the area.  PUVs  find  their own  way  to avoid  bumper to bumper  traffic and  detour on these days. 

On a special occasion, wedding coordinator and planner  look for dried lavender bunches  which are  unique and often  requested by their clients on their wedding day.   Most couple request  this kind  of  flower  because of  its classic and gorgeous  look.

Some common flowers you will find in  Dangwa are roses, daisies, sunflower and birds of paradise.

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  1. Dangwa has and will probably always be known as the place to go to for flower needs.


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