Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Brand New LED monitor

At last,  I finally bought a brand new 17" LED monitor after five years,  a great find after having my old desktop resigned.  I was supposed to buy a new laptop for my daughter but my budget was not enough,  way  more expensive than my purchases.  I decided to just by myself a monitor because  the old  one turned white screen again.  I headed the mall  undecided with  laptop in my mind but it just didn't push through. My  daughter wants a net book where  she could bring it conveniently now that she's in her senior year in  high school.   She's not  complaining about research work although  it gave  her  a lot  of  headache even during the first quarter of  school year.  I am considering of  buying  it online.  I  think that  the  unit is  secured with  all  the  protection  of  packaging supplies  plus  the store also offers a free shipping.   Did I mention a brand?   She's not  really particular about it  as long as she can work fast and carry  it comfortably.

Now I am thinking of getting the offer from our service provider regarding the free wifi where she could use anywhere as long as there's a  wifi spot. When she's stressed, I am stressed too, so there's no other way but to consider awarding her the prize.

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