Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tips to make your home child friendly

When babies turn 1 to 3,  the toddler years,  it is when they are at their active years,  rolling around the floor,  kicking, rolling and reaching all the stuff  they could get inside the house. It is also the time for moms to make their house a child friendly home  and look for a good stuff that they think will give their  little ones the biggest comfort.  Moms get excited every time and always want to  buy little castle here  or  look for  a  store that sells baby's  stuff and other furniture.

Here are some tips  to make your home a child friendly environment.

Use a safety gate as barrier in between rooms  to prevent them from escaping or falling from the stairs. Make sure that you choose the right one because there are different types of gate, depending on the needs and age of  babies. Ask the store what perfectly fits for a secured gate, it could be a hardware-mounted or  a pressure-mounted gate.

Place the cribs where there is no other furniture nearby.

Keep all your decorations out of reach especially those that are made of glass like  photo frames.

Use socket guards in all socket and keep all the wiring out of your baby's reach.

Keep your babies away from dangerous area especially the kitchen. Boiling water is a common accident that happens when kids run near you while you're holding a pot or when a toddler  becomes curious and holds the pot.

The last but definitely not the least is,  remember to keep on eye on your toddler and stay close all the time. Don't even turn your eyes away even for a single minute for when toddlers become silent, it  is when they are enjoying their  time,  probably squeezing your lotion or  spreading the powder on the floor.


  1. These are very good tips to keep our children safe at home.

  2. Thank you for these tips. We did not really have much choice in our home/room coz we live with my in-laws. We try to just cover things that present a danger to Dindin.

  3. I have three toddlers and it was a tough-task to make our home child friendly. Anyway, just to add - store all your vitamins, medicines and other First Aid stuff somewhere they can't reach too.

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  5. Great tips.. Now I am counting few more months and I will have my second baby. I will include these tips.

  6. When you have babies, it's really important that your home is childproofed. I'm just glad that my children are already bigger.


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