Monday, September 24, 2012

X-Factor Finalist now down to 4

It seems like I am posting updates of X-Factor  every week.  I've been blogging about the show  since it  started to air live on TV.   Every week, I  would  always post my  favorite  to show my  support  to  the contestant that I  wanted to win.   I'm always affected every time my bets are called for elimination or when they are called for bottom two.  Daddy's Home and  Jeric performed again  for  a showdown this week.  Because the two contestants  both got two votes from the  judges,  they  based  the result  on the text votes.  Jeric  was  voted out.  From top 5 finalists,  the contestants are  now down to 4.

I  am rooting  for Gabriel Maturan  or simply known as Gab.  He's my second bet  next to  Daddy's Home. I honestly want them both to win but I chose Daddy's Home first  to give way  for a group singer to shine  this time.  Gab is a silent achiever and he is becoming popular because of his talent and not because he created any controversies to get  known.  He sings well but I know that he still has a lot  more  to show given more time in the future.  I just read  somewhere that he is related  to  Diomedes Maturan  who rose to stardom  in 1960 after winning  the grand prize  in  singing competition.   Maturan names  were known to be good singers and there's no doubt where  Gab got  this talent.  I  believe  that  he possesses this remarkable singing ability   to follow  what  Maturan names created during 60s era.  He may not be  best in playing piano  but I am so sure  this boy  is going to be a star.

I couldn't say more.  I just want Gab and Daddy's Home on the final night happening  on  October 6 and 7.

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  1. My grandma loves watching this show, I tried watching an episode, and true enough the participants are talented without a doubt, but I never got to watching it religiously, I just cannot stand Charice! :P I like her voice and her songs, but not what she has become now.. :P


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