Saturday, September 8, 2012

A product review and the man of the match

I received an  email from an advertiser  requesting  for  a review of  their product.  I replied right away because I  believe  in their business  with hope that I will receive an invitation too for future blog conference or when  they finally choose  a celebrity  to endorse their product.  It's funny but I  hope that  they choose Coach Erik Spoelstra  because I admire him a lot and seriously wish to have a photo op and signed token from him.  I would appreciate basketball gifts though I am not engaged into this sport,  I would surely  keep a souvenir  from him.  The experience of  seeing him during the  NBA Trophy  Tour  was awesome although the security personnel were quite tight unlike the first time he visited the county.  I  understand because he gained a celebrity  status after  Miami Heat  won   the NBA championship.

Anyways, regarding the football game last night,  I am still overwhelmed with the result of international friendly between Singapore and Philippines with a score of  Sin 0 - 2 Phil.   Stephan Schrock really rocks! I hope he makes it to the team in the next Suzuki Cup coming up this October. He's the man of the match!

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