Saturday, September 8, 2012

Smart Parenting August 2012

For August 2012 issue, Smart Parenting covers Andi Eigenmann and her daughter Ellie. Andi shares parenting advice and is looking forward to that day when Ellie becomes a preschooler. At her age, Andi has a very concrete ideas of how she wants to bring up Ellie. She added that her mom did a great job raising her well but she wants to raise Ellie on her own technique.

Andi's Advice

Tell you parents.They love you. They may get hurt. They may get mad, but they will be there for you always. There is no reason for you to be alone. Never give up on your dreams even if it seems impossible to you at the moment. As long as you believe in yourself, they are still possible.

Grab a copy of Smart Parenting at your bookstore and magazine stand and see more of the cover story that features Andi Eigenmann.

source: photo and article from Smart Parenting

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  1. I admire how strong Andi Eigenman is. You can see in her interviews how firm a person she is with her decisions, the way she carries herself and the scenario she is in.


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