Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nostalgia 45: Long Playing

Have you heard about the old joke, "here you are again, long playing?" They are actually referring to a nagging wife. A Long Playing is an analog album in forty-ish.

I can see husband surprisingly reading this post. He maybe has forgotten about these LPs. These are not mine, but my FIL's. Ondoy hit our house, drowned and flashed most of our things but look how I kept the real treasure. This is the only LP I can show to my kids how LP looks like in 1940s. Hey, please, I am not that old. I am not a 40-ish baby but 70s. I just had these and kept these as I believe these were already a collector's item and needed to be displayed in a National Museum. Today, as I decluttered the house and saw these again in the old cabinet, I can't help but remember songs of the past, not my generation but my parents too. This LP serves as a great remembrance for new generations. Sure they can google it and see photos but not the same thing as seeing the real LP. I got hundreds of reasons why I had to keep this.

Want to hear the songs in the album? My apology for not granting the request. I cannot even play this in YouTube. I don't have a phonograph or record player to play this along but I can hear vividly in my imagination how it sounded then.

Here are the details about Long Playing Album I googled for you:

Media type: Audio playback
Encoding: Analog grooves
Capacity: Up to 25 minutes per side;
2 sides, for a total playing time of anywhere from 45 to 50 minutes
Read: mechanism Stylus
Dimensions: 12 in (30 cm); 10 in (25 cm)
Weight: 90-200 grams
Usage Audio storage
Extended from 1948

Long-playing (LP) record albums are 33⅓ rpm, typically vinyl, gramophone records (phonograph records), generally either 10 or 12 inches in diameter. They were introduced unsuccessfully by RCA in 1931 and successfully by Columbia in 1948, and served as a primary release format for recorded music the second being with extended play or EP albums. In the 1980s the cassette began to significantly displace them, followed by the compact disc in the 1990s and the MiniDisc. In the 21st century, a renewed interest in vinyl has occurred and the demand for the medium has been on a steady increase yearly in niche markets. The long-playing record is an analog format. source: (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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  1. Hmm. My first time to have heard of this joke. Probably I am not that old? LOL! Kidding...

    But I sure am not that old to remember when my Aunts used to play LPs as well. Buti meron pa kayong ganito. Wala na akong makitang LP dito samin ngayon.

    My Nostalgia feature is here:

  2. Awww your entry reminds me of my childhood sis My paternal grandparents had the machine.. ano ba tawag dun? in playing this plaka hehehe.. Medyo may kaya sila noon and everytime magbibir=ertdey yung youngest daughter nagpapasayaw sa bakuran nila using this long playings thingy.. I wonder what hapen to those hehehe.

    Glad you have kept yours, great treasure.. Pwede ngang pangmuseum..

  3. First time din.. happy nostalgia...

  4. Oy meron din kaming ganyan nong araw, ke Yoyoy villame, Nora Aunor at Victor Wood ang mga plaka na tandang tanda ko, ay si Pilita Corales pa pala.

    At ngayon, meron kaming plyaer at 20 pcs na LP records, oh ha! binili ni hubby sa flea market. naka display lang at walang needle, walang mabilhan eh..

  5. You know that would be something that you can put in a museum, would you?

  6. oo nga dami pa ring ganito yung tatay ko sis, yung iba may puting manipis na supot pa ang probs.. wala ng player.. waahh sayang... was here for nostalgia.

  7. daming plaka...meron din kami nyan dati...yung lolot lola ko meron sila dalawa...ehehehe!

  8. You remind me of my husband. He got lots of collection of LPs here. I told him to give away the others coz our house too small to fit all of his collection. My Nostalgia

  9. wow, ang galing magtago...very sentimental ka pla...,e too:)


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