Friday, March 25, 2011

Ten Pounds Less

For those who have seen my unedited photo in a fitted top, I have nothing to blame but myself who love wearing small size when in fact I fit to large one or maybe extra large shirt. Sure, I look funny not because I am fat but because I always blog about following my diet plan seriously. Eating more fruits will balance my diet. Did I say I have been taking slimming tea for a couple of years already. Well, it didn't do anything for me. I should have taken an african mango instead. It is not too bad to weigh myself ten pounds less in a year. Pills, tea and diet never really work for me.


  1. ako d parin nag lose...nag gain na naman...waaaaaa...sarap kasing kumain...nyahahha!

  2. ako i feel like losing weight na..i should buy a bathroom scale ahhahaha sa bahay kasi sa manila d ako masyado nagalaw..dito galaw ako ng galaw kahit kumakain galaw ng galaw d mapakali sa mga kailangan ng mag aama hahahha ;))


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