Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Destress Yourself

When I was still working in a marketing company, I've witnessed how employees deal with the stress in this kind of job. They work from nine to five but extends working until eight o'clock. Of course, they were paid for the over time but the level of stress made them less focus the following day. It was a usual scene, running here and there to beat the deadlines. Friday night was the only time they proclaimed as a destressing night. Spending night with fabulous wines, la flor dominicana cigars, live bands are usual delights. I cannot blame those people relaxing that way for it could lead them to a certain disease should they let the stress eats their heart away. Today, most people destress themselves by online games. Some people play games via social networking site, tweeting and other form of online activities. Going out once in a while is good. Humor, laughter and sleep are the best ways to destress.

Do you know that little stress is also good for the heart? It gives you a chance to keep your mind alert as it beats and works faster to its peak. If you work in your PC or laptop the whole day, try to de-stress by closing your eyes in a while, sit upright and relax.

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