Friday, March 11, 2011

Party at Villa Suite

Last Friday, we surprised a blogger friend for a Pajama Party. The party was actually a get together party before our friend leaves the country. It was held in one of the finest hotels in the city suitable for family vacation, with living and dining area, two queen-sized beds, two toilets and bath and are provided with other amenities. The villa suite is very spacious with beautiful modern furniture. The hotel owner must be very good in choosing a set of furniture. I wonder if the living set is made of designer upholstery fabric because it looks very elegant. I actually took several photos as a souvenir. Anyways, they were still enjoying chat and wine when I left the place. I want to stay a little longer in the hotel but I was not at ease because I was worried that my children were waiting for me back home.

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  1. wow! bongga naman...sino aalis te...ehehhee...never been to a pajama partee before...:)


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