Monday, March 14, 2011

Reusable Barrels

The family of my old friend in college from southernmost part of the country is producing wine out of coconut and plum fruits as their business. They used oak barrels for coconut wine and only reusable bottle for plum wine enough for five gallons. It takes several months for fermentation and aging before they finally sell those wines. They only rely in the old way of preparing wine and stick to what they believed in to make a perfect wine. Now I wonder if they still use the oak or stainless steel barrels at this time. I hope they are already aware of the advantages of using stainless steel over oak. Stainless steel is reusable, durable and can be used for longer time. Besides, using stainless steel will not affect the taste and quality and will retain the flavor of wine.

Btw, I just posted an update in social networking site about how we can save our planet earth and the need to fight global warming. Don't you think we can help save our mother earth by using stainless steel instead of cutting down more trees for oak barrels?

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