Monday, March 28, 2011

She Wants to Become a Nurse!

Photo of my daughter in Biology Lab

I can't believe how my daughter performed in her laboratory class. She was thrilled yet very excited in dissecting a frog last week. I thought she was scared doing it because when she was young she always told me that she wants to become a nurse someday but the thought of dissecting specimen stops her to dream of becoming a nurse. Her determination overcame her fear in their recent laboratory activities. She wants to take medical related course someday and pursue bsn online. I am glad that she's already thinking about her career someday. I saw her browsing the internet about the course that is in demand in the future. Look how time flies! She is an incoming third year student this school year and before I know it, she already is taking up bsn online. Her two cousins who are taking medical related courses, BS Physical Therapy and BS Psychology, are just one of the factors that influenced her in choosing her future career .

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