Monday, March 7, 2011

My Little Photographer

She obviously wants to take a picture reflecting herself in a mirror.

Whenever we are having our vacation, she always takes photographs for my weekly meme. She would always say, "mom, this is perfect for your meme." Now I am posting her picture for this week's entry, My Little Photograher.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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My Mellow Yellow Monday.


  1. photographer in the making .. happy mym

  2. your new follower pala hope you can follow me on my new blog thanks ..

  3. Lovely photograf in red dress.

  4. I'm she'll be a great one. :)

    Wonderful shots! Happy Ruby Tuesday.

    My RUBY link.

  5. She did a great job with the photos.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  6. So pretty, Mom said that I should call her Ate!

    Ruby Blanket, my first Ruby Tuesday.

  7. Awwww a budding photographer in the making hehehe.. Good job ate!

    My Mellow Yellow

  8. she is such a cutie and she takes awesome pictures. it won't be a wonder when she'll grow into a photographer someday

    mine is here

  9. Keep it up baby, you will soon be a professional :)

    You can visit my page at my Ruby Tuesday.

  10. What a great kid helping Mom...
    I am your newest follower,

  11. she's so cute! gagwa narin nga ako ng little photgrapher ko. lol

  12. Your little photographer is so cute mommyWowa.. ang ganda nya! Mana talaga ni mommy! Ganda din nang outfit nya ha.. sana babae anak ko.. :)

    Mommy, hopping-in here din, sorry at ngayon lang ako nkadalaw ha.. dala2x ko pa mga bloggies ko.. sge mommyWowa, ingats ka (at family mo) always.. sana punta ka din dito US, eh malapit lang pala tayo if gano'n.. food trip din tayo sa West Covina, dami Pinoy foods doon.. mmm.. ;) muahhh!

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  13. wow! ang galing...ang ganda ni bunso..bagay talaga sa kanya ang hair nya....:)


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