Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Excited for Summer!

I have so many things to look forward this summer. My daughter will be turning thirteen in her birthday. She will be a teenager officially and husband will be coming home this summer for the birthday celebration. Most likely, he will stay here for a month just in time for father's day too. I am now looking for unique fathers day gifts 2011.   It sounds unusual to hear these words from me.  I just want to repay everything he has given to us. He promised me a high end DSLR when he comes home and I can't wait for that. Oh my heavens! I've been wishing for this for years already. All I got is a semi-pro camera. I hope that summer extends for another month while my husband is on vacation so I could use it for outdoor photography. Exciting!

Picture of my two lovelies. Age gap is only two. My older daughter looks a lot bigger for her age.

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  1. ang laki nga nia, mag13 pa lang pla, oh my! may teenager kna, nuts!


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