Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shall I Give In?

Daughter slept late last night to prepare for final exam week. I have never seen her staying so late like this. Ah yes, maybe at social networking site but not in academic subjects. Last night was unusual. She stayed as late as two o'clock in the morning. She's confident that she will perform well in her exams. I am glad that she studied a little harder. She doesn't want to disappoint me nor her dad. Did I just hear, "mom buy iphone for me, I got a superior grade in my card." She has been using her old cell phone now and complaining already of slow loading. So, shall I give in to this protest? Oh well, I don't have any reason now not to give in to her pleadings. She's almost sure that she'd make it to the exam and even hopes that she belongs to top ten percent of the highest rank in the class.

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