Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fascinated with Tights!

I am fond of browsing fashion and lifestyle websites and seeing models in their good sense of fashion. Imagine a pair of leggings teamed with silvery top and accessories. This outfit would surely compliment your looks. I am not sure about the stars named to be worst dressed. I could only say for best dressed and they are the ones wearing polka dot or flower printed skirts and jackets with matching House of Holland tights. Prints, plain or even checkered go well with tights. These all, I have learned in one event of afternoon of style. For a simple and fashion challenged mom like me, picking tights is the easiest. Everyone can be gorgeous. It depends on how we carry ourselves. We can always accessorize ourselves but always remember that less is better in fashion.

Treat yourself with a fancy mock suspenders. These are great collections to be included in your wardrobe, also best for fall season. Aren't you fascinated with Hollywood stars or celebrities wearing tights? I am now looking forward for a tights fashion show on TV or online for more tips. For ladies, shop for the tights that you want for you'll never know as to when this will last. I also suggest that if you're not sure or in doubt of your fashion, simply wear tights with confidence and choose only with dark color if you are to wear a bland blazer. But also remember that not everything you discover for matching colored tights tips are appropriate for you because we have our own looks to match uniquely. The season also can vary. You can wear colored tights or any bright shade for warm season or summer.

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