Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Only Legacy

We are not a family of singers and my father was the only one who really had a talent in singing. Although my niece sings well, she never  sings professionally or maybe it isn't really  her passion. I believe if only she had developed it and  took  a  voice lesson, she most likely has excelled  pretty well in this field. She could hit the  high notes of   Celine Dion's songs.

I might become sentimental as I go on with this post. Whenever I post something about my late father, it makes me so emotional. Anyways,  I remember when my  father bought  a musical instrument   for my brother. It costs a thousand bucks but for the love of his son, he bought it as a gift for his once was stubborn and rebellious son. We  owned no wealth and only relied on a hand to mouth existence but to have it purchased was a real proof of  a real  love of  father to his son.  My brother  never really sings but just  strums the guitar well. I am sure if my father only knew where to find and buy  this customized guitar  he would surely have bought it for him. My brother now works abroad and I hope  that he treasured the only legacy that our father left to him and used it as a tool to  compose a song whenever homesickness strikes.  Let me end this post about the word I used at the above.  Rebellious word doesn't  fit  to describe  my brother anymore,  but a responsible and  a good hearted man.

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  1. pag magulang na talaga ang us tears...we're so unlucky wala tayong talent sa singing at pag tugtog ng musical instrument. I can only play an organ, lol!


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