Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Grab a pair of this season’s hottest stilettos brought to you by Scotch® Magic™ Tape

There are many ways for a woman to flatter herself and emphasize the beauty of her femininity but nothing compares to owning the enduring fashion icon known as stilettos. Stilettos, especially, pumps, are a signature shoe style for the woman who loves fashion. This classic footwear is a must-have for every woman. But did you know that this iconic shoe is not only available for your feet but can now be a tool for work to display on your office or study table?

Yes, you got that right! Fall head over heels as 3M, the company who never stops inventing, creates tools with fashion statement. These Scotch® Magic™ Tape Stiletto Dispensers will definitely satisfy even the most exacting fashionistas and shoe-aholics out there!

Whether you are a student who loves to personalize your study area, a yuppie who wants to unleash your individuality at your workplace, or a mom who is still passionate about glamour and style— these iconic power desk-dressers could reflect your personality.

Take this quiz to know which Stiletto dispenser fits you!

1. Attending a soiree, what would you likely wear?

     a. I prefer to wear an LBD, a pair of 5-inch stilettos, and a clutch bag.
     b. I prefer to wear a pastel chiffon dress, a pair of 5-inch stilettos, and a sequined pouch bag.

2. What hairstyle do you prefer when going to the mall with your girl friends?

     a. I like it untied with soft curls.
     b. I like to pull it up in ponytail or a loose bun, accented with an elastic or usamimi headband.

3. What movie would you suggest to watch with your buddies on a weekend?

     a. Coco Before Chanel
     b. Little Miss Sunshine

4. Where do you likely go on a catch-up Saturdate with friends?

     a. A coffee shop where we could share our stories over frappes.
     b. We would rather stay in a friend’s house and play Spin the Bottle!

5. Who is your style icon?

     a. Definitely Victoria Beckham!
     b. Definitely Katy Perry!

If you have answered:

Mostly A’s:

The Classic Black Scotch® Magic™ Tape Stiletto Dispenser is your perfect match!

You have a classy and strong personality that gives a resonating, “I am a woman!” when you strut through the hallways wearing your high heels. You are competitive, strong-willed, and are always on top of your game. You are also the epitome of grace under pressure.

Mostly B’s:

The Hot Pink Scotch® Magic™ Tape Stiletto Dispenser is your perfect match!

You are the darling that keeps her rainbows aglow even when faced with difficult circumstances. You have a perky and cheerful personality that always keeps you going. Behind those smiles, you always want to be youthful and carefree. Through this, you make other people feel good too!

Let your tables or desktops express who you are and tell the world that you are an empowered woman with a sense of style!

The Scotch® Magic™ Tape Stiletto dispensers can be perfect gift items too. Each packed with a roll of Scotch® Magic Tape, these dispensers have sashayed their way to leading bookstores and department stores near you.

3M and Scotch® are trademarks of 3M.

About 3M
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