Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Pink Magaline Pink Party!

The owner and author of  Pink Magaline, Jingke,  just turned 32  and we celebrated the big day  in pink.  She is a  beauty,  lifestyle and fashion blogger  by heart  and  loves this craft besides  being a busy mother,  wife,   student,  and  friend.


Friendship survives even across the seas. Seas talaga? So many, so far,  but she could always be reached.  Jes was present, as always, all the time and she came  in  pink too.

The early bird catches the Popcorn Maker!   No one could   beat her.  She was the earliest at  Jingke's place about  lunch time and the party was set to start by 3pm.   Honey,  you already.  Haha.   Can we set now for another party?  How about a Popcorn Party.   

Less words. Let my photos speak for this post. 


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  1. We all look so pink and pretty. Thanks again sis for blogging about this. Sana ni-link mo din ako. Hihi. Hahaha. Popcorn party ang next!!!


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