Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dunsulan Falls

From Mt. Samat, we  asked the locals about  Dunsulan Falls. We were  told  that  it would take us about  15 to 20 minutes going to the falls.   We then proceeded to the road as instructed,  but after only about fives minutes on the way,  we saw a sign pointing to  Dunsulan Falls.  We concluded that the 20-minute travel probably  is estimated  going to Dunsulan Falls on foot.   The road going to Dunsulan  is quite narrow where you need  to give  way or a full stop  if there's a vehicle coming on the other  side.  


A caretaker met us at the entrance and told us that the water is not ideal to swim.

This is what I love traveling on Monday.   There are no tourists inside.  The caretaker told us that during peak of  summer,  families and travelers flocked to this place  for  vacation.

 We did not swim so we just took more photos inside.


 The falls is about 5 meters in height and with 40 feet deep.  You would see a sign,  "Bawal Maligo sa loob ng Falls,  Delikado!"  There's  an area where tourists could swim but  the bad weather and hard rain  made  the water turned muddy green.


At the peak of summer,  the place is a favorite  picnic area  and others  who included the falls as side trip  from  their  visit  to  Mt. Samat. 

  Tourists could do other activities like ziplining and horseback riding.  I also spotted a sign of  firing range nearby.   Taking a zipline   to a length of 540 meters,  the longest zipline in Luzon that  will give you  an enjoyable  trip with the mountain view  from Mt. Samat to Dunsulan Falls.  

It was a quick  visit to Dunsulan Falls.   We just took some photos around the picnic area and  went  straight to Pawikan.  See my next post.

Dunsulan falls is located at Barangay Liyang, Pilar Bataan.
Entrance fee is P50  for adult and 20 for kid.
The cost for a zipline ride is  P350 per person.


  1. Hi sis. Thanks for the post, Pilar is my Mother's hometown and haven't heard about this. Probably our next visit to Pilar, then Dunsulan is our next play area. :)

  2. Looks like a long drive but the view of the falls is worth it.

  3. ang dami mo nmang pinuntahan!! sarap naman dyan!!!


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