Friday, June 8, 2012


Nuvali is just near Manila and since we haven't visited the place yet, we joined the Mendiola family to Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay trip.   We only knew one thing about this place,  other than  high end residential subdivisions and  condominiums,  the Koi fishes. And we are right. :)  

It was around 9:30am when we reached Nuvali  and the sun was really really hot. We asked  the staff  at Nuvali  where we could have our little picnic. They  pointed us to an area with  bench,  but  there's no shade.  Wow,  it was terribly  hot!

All the photos taken inside were a real quick shot.  I could feel the temperature that rises higher and higher as the sun goes up.

Instead of walking down to the picnic bench,  we  just  seated  in the grass  under the  shed of  a little  tree and  had  our  morning snack.  This time,  it was not Adobo alone,  now  with  pasta,  spaghetti.

 You are here!   Yes, we were there.. :)

See,  how colorful!  The first time I saw  too many  Koi fishes!

If  you  intend  to go to Nuvali  for family activities, do it early in the morning or  late afternoon.   They're lacking of real cool  residents, the trees.  

There's a man-made river where families could   rent  a boat  and  feed  the Koi  fishes.

Another quick shot at the fishes. So many,  so beautiful.  The children fed them with bread.

Give me quick smile and hurrah,  hurry  hurrah  to Tagaytay!
We were hurrying up,  not because we were running out of time or something. We were,  because we couldn't  bear the heat anymore.  

Nuvali  Evoliving is about 1840 hectare in area (source:  Nuvali website)
Sta Rosa Laguna


  1. nice least in photos it's nice. ang init doon!

  2. I haven't been to Nuvali and I'm planning to go there one of these days.. great shots, Nora!

  3. kaines kayu!!!! waaaaa ingggit akoooo!!!


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