Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Virus Killed my Computer

How my computer acquired a happy birthday virus, I don't know.  I remember this message "don't kill me, i'm just send message from your computer..."   Known also as Surubaya in My Birthday, this kind of  virus is fatal. It can paralyze your computer. When it popped up in my monitor,  I had no option but clicked    because  no matter how many  times I deleted the message,  still,  it kept popping up.  It  turned my monitor into white,  slowed  down my internet,  and  paralyzed my computer. 

I googled how to remove or delete the virus but the virus hid  somewhere and disguised into another name.  I manually followed how to to  delete it  but only a reformat  procedure could erase and clean my file.  I don't think I'll recommend deleting it by yourself,  well unless you're an expert,  because  if it happens to your computer,  better secure all your files, save important documents if you can still save it, because at any moment, your computer might   stop.

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