Monday, July 16, 2012

Motorcycle Accidents

I  hope that the next time I switch the TV on,   the  reporter who covers the story on the road  shares  some good news  and not the  usual accidents that happen everyday in the same spot  in  what they call the killer highway located  in Commonwealth Avenue. CCTVs don't lie. They help to solve the case but the lives that were taken away from these accidents couldn't be revived anymore by cameras.  The common cause to blame is  the  usual human error committed by drivers.   I hope that the agencies that handle the Road Safety implement  to use protective gear especially the helmets on the road. Once the law is implemented strictly,  it will surely  lessen the road mishaps.

Data showed that  the Road Safety Unit said  that the motorcycles  accounted  for 80%  of road accidents and millions of people die due to road traffic crash. The traffic enforcers should also be very strict in implementing the law and fine those who violate  accordingly.  Drivers should properly observe the marked lanes intended for them like the  yellow,  blue  and  motorcycle lanes.

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