Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On-Going Maintenance

Life is just so hard sometimes. It's unlucky day for me with everything around me that collapsed including the bulb in our dining room that just burnt out. I sent my computer to the shop for reprogramming and repair. My semi-pro camera broke down too. What else is not working? My elbow albeit kind of sore still managed to finish my list of things to do. Now, I am trying to replace everything except my hand which is of course, unreplaceable. I believe, when it rains, it pours. I don't want to touch my DSLR for the fear that this bad sign might extend further. It's the only one left working. What I need to avail now is cree xm-l for lighting, hard disk part for my CPU and an expert to repair my camera. There's a light at the end of tunnel. I am waiting for a positive sign or a call from the shop with a big hope that my hardrive is now ready for pick up and still in good condition.

February is not a good month for me. I emailed the support group in one of my accounts since I had a trouble opening and posting my review in another device no matter how hard I tried. It seems that the browser is not compatible or maybe some changes need to be settled first. I don't want to put all the files here in a mess so I just wait till I work again in my own laptop.

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