Thursday, August 5, 2010

Road Repair

I wonder why road repair/maintenance is done during rainy season. I just went to a nearby shop this morning to buy patch for my daughter's GSP uniform and it took me half an hour to get me to the place. Road repair brought too much traffic that leads the motorists to take another route. Public must be advised to give enough travel time allowance so as not to get late for any appointment. I hope that the road repair will be done very soon. It leads to so much inconvenience to many but I know it is for our own good too. Government must provide highly equipped materials like diggers to facilitate and make the job done faster. They replaced bigger and wider canal to avoid heavy flooding again. Government just realized that a fast developing city needs to adapt the fast changing climate too. I saw a sign that the project for road maintenance will be finished soon but I think it is not enough. They must take a look also to improve the flood way.

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