Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hostage Taking in Manila, Venus Raj in Miss Universe Pageant and Flood in Manila

Hostage taking started Monday morning when dismissed police officer Rolando Mendoza took hostage of 22 Chinese nationals from Hongkong and three Filipinos at the tourist bus at Quirino Grandstand. I feel for the family of hostage victims who were just here in the Philippines for a vacation but ended that tour not as pleasure but a very tragic event.

I wonder what Venus Raj feels right now. Too much pressure is now on her shoulder representing the country. Her heart is still mourning over death of her friend Binibining Pilipinas International Melody Gersbach. I guess she must get ready also for the possible question if she makes it to top 10. "How would you promote Philippines Tourism now that the nearby countries issued a travel ban/travel black to the Philippines." Good luck Venus. Please bring home the crown.

After a heavy rain last night, flooding came right away. While media men and the world focused on hostage taking event, I myself was surprised to see above-knee flood outside. Flooding is just an ordinary thing now in Manila. It rained so hard but Manilenos are now accustomed to this kind of situation. Oh life!


  1. I was shocked when I read the news about Ms. Gerbasch, not sure if she's a bicolana or what?

    Kawawa naman yung mga foreigners, ano ba nagyayari dyan satin at halos sundo sunod na naman ang tragedy..

  2. What a shame and what a pity... One person's irrational act is one nation's misery. Haaayyyyyy....

    Now lng ata ako naka-visit dito sa isa mong blog na ito ah. Nice tlaga ang gawa ng ate mo... Grabe!!! Fan na fan nya ako! Kukulitin ko nga si Kaye na gawan ulit ako ng new template...hehehehe. She'll go berzerk! nyahahaha

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