Saturday, August 14, 2010


My older daughter seems to have a strong passion in photography. She is just twelve years old and I've noticed recently her great desire in this subject. I always see her browsing pages about learning photography. She also insists on buying SLR of her own. Because she knew that it is quite expensive, she told me that she will save money for it. I told her that a point and shot camera is all what we needed since we only use them for personal use like family gatherings and school events.

I just wish that she'll be a great photographer someday like this Richmond photographer David Proett. He is a professional photographer that pays attention to details and with great depth of expertise in all aspects of photography. One qualities that everyone would look for a photographer is that someone that provides photography with personal touch. And that's David Proett. That means, people whom he worked with would recommend him because of his great work. He does not focus alone on what he wanted but also the participation of client by listening to what they want. Every moment is treasure for David Proett. I do hope that my daughter will pursue her passion in photography in the future.

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  1. Goodluck to her. and congrats to you. I like photography too like david p.


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