Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Proposal, Why Not?

The traditional way of spending Christmas  is by sharing and gift giving but to romantically inclined people, this is the best time to give a unique present by giving a  proposal.   Have you seen a movie where a man popped the question  like "will you marry me" while he unwraps the small ring box on Christmas eve?  Isn't that sweet and romantic?

Some people may think that a proposal should be done in a separate event and not during  holidays, valentines or  birthdays.  But  in my own point of view,  it is a grand celebration and will be remembered because of  that special occasion on  the time you propose.

There are a lot ways  how to give your loved ones with this kind of gift. It will be a complete surprise if you plan it well  like announcing when you're both surrounded by friends and  family.  Always be unique when creating an engagement proposal. Don't make it  like the same scene in the movie that you watch a thousand times.  If you think you  are creative by making prank ways to  surprise her,  don't.  At many times it succeed,  but at times it failed too.   It  might end up with the girl  to walk out or  worst won't show up for the rest of her life.

Engagement, even if  done on  holidays can be  also special. You can make it during another occasion just don't  make it as holiday gift  because it will only make the girl thinks that the man wants to make it a two-in-one event  that sounded  like another economical way  to celebrate.

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